Bigfoot Artifacts Discovered in Kentucky

Has a recent hairy hominoid encounter with a respected Cherokee elder produced physical evidence of a Bigfoot? A tooth? What do you see in the way of the reported Sasquatch canine?

According to one witness, this is what the Hebbardsville creatures look like. Described as averaging 8 feet tall, 400 lbs. with black skin and long arms that hang below the knees which they use in order to run swiftly. Flat, bearded face with receding chin-line, broad nose, thin lips and dark brown eyes beneath a prominent brow ridge. Covered in short hair with longer fringes about the beard, back of head and genital areas. Low forehead with hair “like a man’s combed straight back”

The alleged Bigfoot tooth which resembles a human canine, only much larger. Throughout the 19th and early parts of the 20th centuries many many sources cite the discovery of giant human-like skeletal remains in the Bluegrass state, the vast majority having been found buried in Native American Indian burial grounds or mounds. The witness’ mother related to him before her death that she had personally witnessed the excavation of one such grave In Beals, Ky., between Spottsville and Reed, back in the 1920’s. It was discovered during the process of building a bridge over a large creek. The bones were measured and found to be nearly 12 ft. tall! The giants remains passed into private ownership and their whereabouts went unrecorded, (photo by B.M.Nunnelly, 2006).

Location in Hebbardsville, where witnesses reportedly regularly observed Bigfoot creatures eating roots and grass. This creek, which runs along the Green River, was a primary route of travel for the creatures according to witnesses.

Alleged UFO Over Janiki Revealed

Janiki [Slaskie], POLAND: On 24th November an interesting incident took place in Janiki village. A man driving his car noticed an unidentified object flying over his vehicle. He managed to capture the alleged UFO on a photo.

On 24th November 2006 a photo presenting an alleged UFO craft was taken in Janiki village in Silesian Voiovodship. The alleged object[s] flew over the village, baffling and scaring a driver who managed to took a photo while - according to his relation - the UFO began to disappear on the right side of the road.

On 24th November 2006, at about 16:30, Mr. G.T. from Czestochowa returning from Olesno [Opolskie] to Czestochowa [Slaskie] during his drive through Janiki [Czestochowski Powiat] witnessed a strange occurrence. As he said, at some moment his attention was drawn by some light twinkling in the darkness that then flew over the road from left to right side.

The man stopped his machine [Fiat Seicento] and immediately took some photos with his Kodak C503 camera capturing 3 bright lights of unknown origin over nearby woods.
"Returning from Olesno through Janiki - Slusarze I noticed with a corner of my eye a light moving with enormous speed that fly over my car. I felt scared but I stopped and began taking photos of the object in the field that was visible for about 3 seconds. The object flew from one side to another over my car" - said the witness.

The photo stirred lots of doubts but the witness claims that after inspection performed in the area of sighting, he couldn't localize any lights [lanterns, construction lights] that would be responsible for the image. "Inspecting the area I didn't find any lanterns despite one located by the house (...). There are only poles here."

The case is still under investigation and for the time being we don't know if the sightings involve in fact one or three objects. Due to short duration of the sighting, the witness wasn't able to notice any structure between the lights. The object remained in his sight for 5 seconds.

Source: NPN - / By: Piotr Cielebias - "NOL - the Eastern European UFO Journal", 20/12/06

Silver Star Mountain Bigfoot Sighted


Are these photos of a Bigfoot, or something altogether else?

These photos were posted on the BFRO website last year. There was mention of additional photo(s).

New UFO Sightings In Tarnów Area

TARNOW, POLAND - On 26th November between 7 and 8 pm., Mr. Ryszard Grabczynski [38] living in Zawada [near Tarnow, Malopolskie] went outside to took some photos of the Moon with his new camera [Samsung 850 PRO]. At some moment he noticed an unusual object in the sky.

“These photos were taken accidentally. I purchased a new camera Samsung 850 PRO. I was photographing the Moon and then I cast a glance in the West. At first moment I thought that it was a planet but the color [dark orange] seemed unnatural. After a while I noticed that it’s moving slowly and – what’s interesting – began to change intensity and color of light.”

<-- Images show how object morphed

The witness rejected possibilities that the object was a planet, satellite or other natural thing. He didn’t mention any other phenomena accompanying the sighting as sounds. The sighting lasted 5 minutes and Mr. Ryszard was able to took several photos of it with his camera set on a tripod. The alleged UFO was moving with speed of a plane from south-west west. The town in the background is Koszyce Wielkie.

Zawada is located south – east from the center of Tarnow, on the St. Martin Mountain (384 m.). “At the moment when I spoted it the object was rather orange. Sometimes it was intense red (when it was disappearing in the west). At some moments it was also white.”

Source: Source: NPN

FBI Determined to Solve Jimmy Hoffa Mystery

DETROIT - OK, so the May dig at a horse farm in Milford Township, Mich., didn't produce Jimmy Hoffa. The FBI is still on the case.

On Tuesday, FBI Director Robert Mueller was in Detroit and made it a point to predict that his agency will solve the 30-year-old mystery into what became of the former Teamsters boss.

"We have a long memory," Mueller said. "We are very willing to follow up on leads."

As to what those leads may be, the director didn't elaborate.

Mueller made the comments during a tour of the FBI's field office in Detroit.

Hoffa, 62, disappeared from the parking lot of a Bloomfield Township, Mich., restaurant on July 30, 1975. He was on his way to a reconciliation meeting with a mob-connected New Jersey Teamsters official and a Detroit mafia captain.

The FBI has theorized that the men, now dead, had Hoffa killed to prevent him from regaining the Teamsters presidency.

Governor Kaine Reports Strange Mansion Events

Governor Tim Kaine isn't ruling out the possibility of ghosts in the governor's mansion home.

He was asked on his monthly radio show on the Virginia News Network today whether he has had paranormal experiences like some previous Executive Mansion occupants, Kaine flatly answered: "Yes."

Kaine said today that the telephone rings in his family's private quarters at the same "inconvenient time" every week, and when he picks up the phone, nobody's there. He says he's researching whether "something odd happened" on the same day and hour sometime in the mansion's history.

Unlike some previous residents and staff, Kaine said his family has not seen the friendly ghost of a young woman who is said to haunt the mansion.

But Kaine says first lady Anne Holton witnessed other strange occurrences in the mansion as the daughter of Governor Linwood Holton in the early 1970s, for example, a portrait mysteriously taken from the wall and deposited in another room.

There also was a storm-related power outage that left all of Richmond in the dark except a lone light that mysteriously remained on in the mansion.

UFO Crashes in Russia’s Siberia

KRASNOYARSK, RUSSIA - An unidentified flying object has crashed in Krasnoyarsk Region, Siberia, causing a forest fire, the RIA-Novosti news agency reported on Friday.

The crash took place in the taiga between the towns of Yeniseisk and Lesosibirsk, the agency said quoting the local Interior Ministry directorate. The crash was reported by local villagers and traces of forest fire can be seen on the site. Air traffic officials said that no aircraft were scheduled to fly in the region at the time of the crash and no air vessels were missing.

A group formed of police investigators, representatives of the Transport Prosecutors Service and representatives of the aircraft safety watchdog Rosavianadzor has started to the site of the crash from Krasnoyarsk.

Local Emergencies Directorate has sent a helicopter to the site.

Residents Transfixed by Unexplained Flying Objects

SPALDING, UK - Unexplained flying objects left Spalding residents searching the heavens for answers as residents in the Pennygate area were transfixed by orange lights.

<--Click image for video

People reported seeing up to ten orange lights behaving strangely on Thursday at around 8.30pm, hanging in the air and moving in formation at high speed in silence.

Stargazer Susan Sells, from Third Avenue, caught the phenomena on a video camera.

She said: "They were bright orange spheres and were literally going past the back door.

"It was not frightening – just unbelievable. I saw two go past the house and then there was a formation in the sky."

Susan managed to video some of the action and you can see an excerpt here.

Martin Anderson, secretary of South Lincolnshire Astronomical and Geophysical Society, said there was no rational explanation.

He said: "There were no satellites, the international space station was not visible and there were no meteor showers that early in the evening. I don't know of anything it could be."

Martin also said despite being a keen amateur scientist he kept an open mind.

He said: "I am a realist and a sceptic but I can't believe we are the only life forms in the universe. We are just a small, insignificant dot and the possibility of alternate life is considerable."

Other residents also saw the lights, which included a larger sphere which split apart and came back together.

Aircraft enthusiast Richard Shortland, from Edward Road, said: "One light came across the sky with no sound at all.

"It was followed by five lights, then four more and they seemed to touch each other in the sky on several occasions. It wasn't frightening, just transfixing."

Wg Cdr Field, from the Ministry of Defence, said there was a lot of activity in the skies, including Tornadoes, Typhoons and Harriers setting off for flights between 6pm and 7pm, but said he was not aware of anything untoward.

Wg Cdr Field said: "If an aircraft is facing towards you it appears stationary in the sky."

New 'Yowie' Sighting and Report

Tony Healy and Paul Cropper pass along a new sighting of Yowie that took place this September 2006 (remember, their spring), which has just been written up to be shared.

19 Sept 2006. Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains, NSW. 1:30 pm.

As 22-year-old Catherine B., her husband Brendan and friend Sarah were riding along a track at the base of an escarpment, Catherine’s horse lagged behind the others and finally came to a complete stop. Catherine, an experienced rider, simply couldn’t get it to move.

“It was sniffing the air and turning around to bite me and I knew something was wrong. At that point I smelt a real foul stench, like salty blood, and I looked – the ground dropped down to the left - and it was just standing there …10, 15 metres away, if that. [The undergrowth] was quite open at that point. It looked sort of like a monkey, but more human. I pretty much crapped my pants! It seemed like forever that I was watching him, but it was only two, three minutes, if that.”

From her vantage point, she could see the animal from head to foot: “I could see everything. It just stood and looked at me. It was a lot smaller than a person, about four foot … solid … square shoulders … very hairy, long hair everywhere; dark brown, all tangled – like a shaggy dog that hasn’t been washed for a while - and mud all over it.

“It had, like, a pushed-in nose. I distinctly remember two canine teeth out the front, outside the lip. I couldn’t see ears because the long hair covered them. I saw eyes, but not distinctly. The legs were long but he only had three claws on his feet. I saw arms, and I could only see three fingers [because] it had something in its hand …like a dead kangaroo, but smaller …like flesh … like it was skinned … inside out.

“I kept kicking the horse … it took the track pretty quick and began to catch the others. I held on for dear life. I kept smelling [the creature, and] felt like it was watching me.”

Confused, incredulous and frightened by what she’d seen, Catherine didn’t say anything about it to her friends. Meanwhile, both Brendan and Sarah had been aware of the foul odour but hadn’t mentioned it. Thirty minutes later, however, they all heard rustling in the scrub behind and then beside the trail, and Sarah looked to the right and saw, about five or ten metres away, “… a monkey … an ape sort of thing … just glaring at me … real scary.”

She could see the head, shoulders and upper chest as it “just popped out from behind a bush, looked, and took off. It was about four feet tall … hairy … browny, blacky … all long, scruffy … half-human, I reckon, all hairy but human looking. I focused on the eyes and the mouth. The teeth … you could not miss them [about an inch long] over the lip [like a vampire’s]. Mouth sort of half open. I said, ‘What the F’s that?’ My adrenalin went … It was like, ‘Is this thing gonna eat me? I’d better get out of here!’ I was kicking my horse.”

As Sarah cried out, Catherine and, apparently, her horse glimpsed the creature running from behind the bush. “My horse took off, flew past the next two horses; I hit a tree with my shoulder, came off and hit the ground really bad.” The horse bolted away.

Catherine sustained deep abrasions on her right forearm and hip, a fractured right collarbone, two fractured ribs, badly bruised legs and swollen ankles. Brendan helped her onto his horse, led her back to the stables and drove her to Katoomba Hospital.

The next day, when she phoned the property owner to enquire after the horse, Catherine was told that the animal, unusually, was missing all night, and that when it eventually returned it was “all shaken up” and had to be rested. When asked about the ‘monkey-thing”, the owner said that in about 1998 or ’99 another group of experienced riders had returned to camp “all as white as ghosts” to say they’d seen and smelt a very similar animal.

Witness interview with Paul Cropper, 23 Sept 2006. Credit: Dean Harrison.


Reports of Yowie-type creatures are common in the legends and stories of Australian Aboriginal tribes, particularly those of the eastern states of Australia. The mid to late 19th Century saw a wealth of sightings, most describing a large, gorilla-like creature (albeit usually bipedal), which lived in remote mountainous or forested regions. Reports have continued to the present day with the trail of evidence following the pattern familiar to most unidentified hominids around the world - i.e. eyewitness accounts, mysterious footprints of hotly-disputed origin, and a frustrating lack of conclusive proof. Australian Yowie Research

Researcher Produces New Evidence of Bigfoot's Existence

KLUANG: A Bigfoot researcher came forward yesterday with what he claimed was new evidence of the creature’s existence in the deep jungles of Ulu Sedili in Kota Tinggi.

Mansur Poh gave several unpublished photographs to the New Straits Times, claiming they showed the footprints of the creature.

He said the photographs were snapped by some nature lovers early this year.

"The pictures of the footprints were taken in Ulu Sedili in Kota Tinggi and Kahang in Kluang this year."

Mansur is currently holding an exhibition on Bigfoot at the Dewan Che Luan Khor here in conjunction with the 5th Kluang Commerce and Industry Fair which will end this Sunday.

He is also a researcher of the Lesser Adjutants at the birds’ habitat in the coastal areas stretching from Muar to Batu Pahat.

Mansur said a preliminary report on his research on Bigfoot had been submitted to Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman last month.

The report is titled "The Identity and Distribution of Bigfoot in Johor".

The research project is supervised by Associate Professor Dr Azhar Kassim who is with Universiti Putra Malaysia’s Department of Animal Science.

In his report, Mansur said he had interviewed 10 people from Segamat, Mersing, Kota Tinggi and Kluang who claimed they had seen Bigfoot or its footprints in the jungle.

One of those interviewed claimed that he saw four huge footprints, measuring 46cm by 28cm, last June.

The footprints, which he said were found at the Ulu Sedili Forest Reserve, were about two metres apart while the depth of each footprint was nearly 8cm.

Dr Azhar, meanwhile, said he is guiding Mansur in his research to ensure that it is being carried out in a scientific manner.

The local media highlighted the possible existence of Bigfoot early this year following the discovery of footprints in Kota Tinggi last December.

Admission: "Apollo 11 Crew Saw UFO"

Aldrin Admits Truth in Documentary

A statement on a new documentary on the Apollo 11 Moon missions has broken a long silence by United States Astronauts on the reporting of UFOs. The documentary quotes Buzz Aldrin as stating without reservation that the Astronauts saw a UFO that paced them for a time during their journey to the Moon.

This information was kept secret by NASA for all of these years. This is an extremely important revelation for UFO believers, and hopefully a nudge for non-believers. The documentary shows us a short piece of UFO footage taken from "later" NASA missions, but says that the object is similar to what the three Astronauts of Apollo 11 saw.

Aldrin, of course, was not able to discuss the UFO on an open microphone during the mission. During the documentary interview, however, he states:

"There was something out there, close enough to be observed, and what could it be? "Now, obviously the three of us weren't going to blurt out, 'Hey, Houston, we've got something moving alongside of us and we don't know what it is, you know?'"

There have been a number of images, both still and moving of the Astronauts on the Moon, and other NASA missions which seem to show UFOs, and as we know Astronaut Gordon Cooper was open about seeing unknowns on numerous occasions.

"For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics. I can now reveal that every day, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us. And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this, but nobody wants to make them public."

Residents Claim Spotting Bigfoot-Like Creature In SE Wisconsin

Video clips from a sighting in the same area a few months ago:

Two Reports Say Witnesses Saw 'Monster' In Area

MERTON, Wis. -- Two bizarre sightings of an alleged "monster" in Waukesha County are prompting some local residents to wonder whether witnesses saw the legendary Bigfoot.

David and Dillon Radeztsky said that they saw a mysterious creature in Merton, WISC-TV reported.

"We saw just a hairy monster on the corner of the woods," David said.

"I saw it leaning on a tree," Dillon said.

This report comes after another sighting near Holy Hill in Washington County. In that instance, a man claimed a Bigfoot-like creature took a deer from the back of his truck.

The description in both cases is the same: a 7-foot tall, hairy "monster".

A group investigating Bigfoot sightings will visit the area to look into the reports, WISC-TV reported.

In a related report:

Video clips from a sighting in the same area a few months ago:

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Wis. -- What's 7 feet tall, hairy and roams the local woods after midnight?

People are trying to figure that out in Washington County.

WISN 12 News' reporter Mike Miller talked to the man who had a close encounter with this mystery animal.

At about 1 a.m. Thursday, Steve Krueger was out doing his job. He contracts with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to remove dead dear from roadsides. He had just put a carcass in the back of his truck and climbed into his cab when something strange happened.

"I felt the truck shake. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a large, black furry figure reaching into the back of the truck. At that point and time, I threw the truck into drive and gunned it, because it scared the dickens out of me," Krueger said.

Krueger told Miller he was reluctant to even report it to authorities because he knew it sounded unbelievable. But he wanted police and the public to know that there's something out there that could be dangerous.

At nearby Cabela's Outfitters, hunters were skeptical.

"About the only thing that matches that description would be a bear or a gorilla, and we don't have gorillas around here," Cabela's curator Marshall Henricks said.

Krueger told Miller has was not drinking on the job. He has seen black bears before, and whatever he saw had much longer, pointy ears.

"Generally, there's not many of them around here. Plus, with a truck sitting there with somebody in it with the motor running -- it's an animal that's not normally near people," Henricks said.

"A black bear wouldn't come up to the truck?" Miller asked.

"They're very elusive," Henricks said.

"I never said it was a Bigfoot or a Yetti or anything of that sort. It was some sort of an animal that was large. Whatever it was, it was there," Krueger said.

In Search of the Elusive Pennsylvania Mountain Lions

Also: Pennsylvania Lion Confirmed

When it comes to creepy creatures, Pennsylvania doesn't hold a candle to other parts of the country. The Pacific Northwest has Bigfoot, New Mexico has space aliens and Puerto Rico is home to the fearsome chupacabra, a grotesque monster that supposedly sucks the blood out of livestock.

What Pennsylvania does have, however, is a seemingly endless fascination with mountain lions. Call it the Nittany Lion effect, but it's clear there are thousands of residents who truly believe there are cougars among us.

Pennsylvania's last known pair of wild mountain lions was killed near Lock Haven, Clinton County, in 1871. A mountain lion was killed by a hunter in Potter County in 1967, but the commission said that animal was an escaped pet.

Still, the overwhelming absence of proof has done little to discourage residents from submitting dozens of mountain lion sightings to the Pennsylvania Game Commission each year. Cal DuBrock, director of the commission's Bureau of Wildlife Management, said the number of reports seems to have hit an all-time high in recent months.

''I can't recall a time when we've had more,'' DuBrock said. ''Yet we don't have a carcass in hand or any tangible evidence.''

DuBrock said the commission has always investigated mountain lion sightings. But up until now, the agency didn't have an official protocol for responding to them, keeping track of how many reports were received or where they came from.

Starting this month, commission officials who respond to mountain lion reports will collect a standard set of information, including eyewitness accounts, photographs, videos and any physical evidence such as hair, tracks and scat.

''We'll be able to quantify the reports, and, in a sense, qualify them,'' DuBrock said.

Just because the commission has developed a standard method for tracking lion sightings doesn't mean officials believe the animals are here. In fact, DuBrock said the new procedures were created largely out of frustration about how much time agency employees have wasted following up reports that lead nowhere.

In the past, the commission has received photographs, videotapes, tracks and scat from a variety of animals — including bobcats, housecats, foxes, fishers, coyotes and bears — that people thought were mountain lions.

Despite that, commission officials don't completely rule out the possibility that a mountain lion or two may be roaming around out there. But if they are, officials can't understand why a cougar hasn't been shot or killed on a highway.

In Florida, for example, where a remnant population of about 100 endangered panthers remains, as many as 10 of the big cats are struck by vehicles each year. And here in Pennsylvania, DuBrock said, between 100 and 200 bobcats are road-killed each year, along with more than 300 bears.

''People must be scarfing up the mountain lions when they're hit,'' DuBrock joked.

All kidding aside, DuBrock said he believes the commission's new methods will go a long way to either debunking the mountain lion myth or collecting the kind of hard evidence that has been so elusive for so long.

''We're not looking for more accounts. We're looking for more credible accounts,'' DuBrock said. ''There are some who are attempting to perpetuate a hoax, but there are many people of high integrity who are seeing something .''

Determining exactly what, however, often proves impossible.

''Sometimes,'' DuBrock said, ''you just feel like you're chasing the wind.''

PLEASE NOTE: There have been many reports of Eastern puma or mountain lion sightings throughout the Mid-Atlantic. In fact, there have been 2 separate sighting reports (Randallstown...were I live) in west Baltimore County, MD since 1983.

Newbury UFO Debate Reignited

NEWBURY, BERKSHIRE, UK - The saga surrounding the mysterious lights which have baffled locals and experts alike recently has been revived with a fresh spate of sightings. Three locals have come forward to report seeing unusual objects in the sky, from blazing fireballs to light formations which left drivers on the M4 braking to catch a glimpse.

The sightings will add to the enigma surrounding the lights. In late September, Newbury residents claimed to have witnessed triangular formations of lights hovering over Greenham Common and other parts of the district. So far, the MOD and the Met Office have been unable to account for the phenomena.

Christine Prater of Marsh Lane, Curridge, opened her bedroom curtains early on the Sunday morning of October 22 to see two bright orange lights silently streaking across the sky at phenomenal speed. The sighting has left her wondering what exactly she might have seen.

She said: “As I came back into the bedroom, I opened the curtains and in the sky there was a little light that caught my eye - two bright orangey lights side-by-side, literally whizzing across the sky from west to east. It was like fireworks with sparks flying out from the sides.

“It was going very fast, and it was not a plane. I thought at first it was but then when I looked it was going much too fast. I could not hear anything either - no noise. That’s what I thought was so strange." Anna Burnett of Lambourn said she was travelling eastbound along the M4 between junctions 13 and 14 on Tuesday when she saw three strange bright lights over the motorway in a pyramid formation. “One light suddenly disappeared and then the other two stayed for a while, and then disappeared also. The lights were so close together that it didn’t seem as though they were planes. Drivers were braking to see the lights.”

Local resident Sadie Ives reported seeing a huge fireball moving across the sky last Thursday, and is also searching for answers. “At first I thought it was a hot air balloon because of the flames, but then I thought there is no way that would be flying in the dark. Was there a meteor shower or is there any news of an aircraft on fire?”

Clairvoyant Used in Saddam Hussein's Capture?

According to an Israeli-born psychic Uri Geller, the December 2003 capture of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was not simply a matter of luck or the work of sophisticated intelligence gathering. Rather, members of a US paranormal program used psychic powers to locate the tiny hole containing the bearded and bedraggled dictator.

Geller claims to have worked for the Central Intelligence Agency during the Cold War. He said on Monday that his knowledge of the psychic discovery of Saddam is gathered from a high-level source in the secret US paranormal program.

He said he held letters revealing the information but refused to name his source.

In an interview with Reuters, Geller said, "You remember when they found Saddam Hussein in Iraq? A soldier walked over to a rock, lifted it and then found a trap door and found him in there. Well, I know that that soldier walked over to that rock because he got information from a 'remote viewer' from the United States."

The 'remote viewer' according to Geller is a kind of psychic who located Saddam with his or her mind thousands of miles away.

Officials for the U.S. did not take time to comment on the subject, only noting that a source close to Saddam had spoken of his whereabouts under interrogation.

Last year, a Brazilian psychic attempted to collect a $25 million reward for Saddam's capture. The psychic said that he had written letters to the U.S. government with explicit descriptions of the ousted leaders hiding hole.

Possible Thylacine Spotted?

UPDATE: March 2, 2007 - German Tourist Vows to Film an Australian Tiger

Did another 'Down Under' vacationer snap a photograph of a thylacine? Shortly before his death, Steve Irwin claimed that he had taken photos of a Thylacine in the wild. There have been other claims of sightings the past few years including this recent account.

Comments from a recent posting: A friend of mine went on vacation to Australia, and he e-mailed me this picture a week ago- he said he snapped a picture as soon as he saw the animal, and the flash made it run away.. He said it was small, like a puppy, and it ran akwardly towards a larger "striped German-shephard /Kangaroo thing", and they both disappeared into the brush.

He called it a "Striped Puppy Kangaroo Thing", and he sent it to me because I used to be a vet tech and can ID almost any animal, and am especially good with dog breeds. I think he may have seen 2 Thylacines, but it’s not a good picture. He took one as they were running off, too, but you can’t see anything in it except bushes and the night sky. When he showed me the picture, I told him I thought they may be Tassie Tigers, and that he should tell someone.I also told him to hold on to his pictures since in my research I read that sometimes when people report sightings park rangers confiscate their evidence. He wrote me the next day saying that everyone he talked to told him he didn’t see a Tassie Tiger, and he said a policeman he mentioned it to threatened to take him in for pranking. When he told the cop it wasn’t a prank, the cop told him "You didn’t see anything, understood?"

I’ve known this boy forever, and he is always honest (brutally so, at times)

What do you think?

He finally ok’d me to share it, but he wants his identity to remain private. He was very offended by the people in Tasmania calling him a liar, and the cop shook him up pretty bad. He seems convinced that that cop will track him down, the poor guy

Anywho, it’d be nice to find out what other people think of this…

I think it’s damn convincing. Aside from the damn plant in the way, I’d say I’m convinced. The number of stripes is variable, from what I’ve read, and this is also a pup, as he said.. I can’t find any info on patterns of pups- does anyone else have info?

If anyone is out there who maybe has equipment to maybe edit out the plants or something, that would be great

By the way- He said he was hiking near "Savage River" when he took this photo, and that it was not far from a wildlife preserve or park of some sort, yet he was also not far from all sorts of factories and mining operations…

If this truly is a Tassie, then that’s also a horrible place for some polluting, disgusting mines.

Ghost Whisperer's Haunted Set

The set of Jennifer Love Hewitt's hit TV show Ghost Whisperer is haunted, according to the actress.
Love Hewitt plays a woman who can communicate with the recently deceased in Ghost Whisperer, and the cast and crew are spooked in real life too.

She tells chat show host Megan Mullally, "We've had lights move, literally three and a half inches to the left, as you're sitting there the lights move.

"We've had lights burst over actors' heads when they're playing people who don't believe in ghosts. A light will burst into a million pieces right over

"People are like, 'We're not guest-starring on that show!'

"But for us as a crew we're kind of like, 'Awesome! Maybe they (the ghosts) are with us.'"

Mystery Tracks of Arkhangelsk

Regnum (News Service) presents a photographic report from the place where footprints of, supposedly, a Yeti, most commonly referred to as an “Abominable Snowman,” have been found.

The footsteps were found near the village Shogorka, 35 kilometers off the Kargapor settlement in the Pinezh region of the Arkhangelsk Oblast by a local hunter Leonid Skomorokhov. He found 30 footsteps within the 24-meters area. The length of each footstep is 31 centimeter, it looks like a paw with a long triangular claw on the tip of each finger. The footstep length is more than 1.5 meters.

According to director of the Northern branch of the All-Russian research institute of hunting economy and fur farming Vladimir Korepanov, some of the footsteps belong to a bear, and some of them remind those of Primates and Ursidae simultaneously. Local residents have already made molds of the footprints.

Local bear species have been excluded. The tracks are just to long and narrow. But these imprints look strange, having a length and shape similar to that of a human but with extremely triangular clawmarks (unknown in primates). Of course, these may be fakes....but the information gathered so far mainly discounts trickery.

"Star Child" Skull

UFO Connection host Catherine Noble talks to researcher Loyd Pye on the finding of an alleged 'Aline Skull' that was found in a cave in Mexico and well known reporter and investigator Jamie Maussan about the sightings of UFOs by the Mexican Air Force.

Strange Lights and Noise in Night Sky

Deadwood, SD - Weird aircraft(s) reported to 911. I know because I was the one that reported them. About 9:45pm on September 14th, 2006, I stepped outside my home to get some fresh air and could hear what sounded like 4 or 5 B1's flying overhead.

Not overly freaking out, because we live close to Ellsworth AFB home of the B-1 Bomber wing and hearing a B1s fly over every once in awhile... but several at the same time? No... We're not going to war are we? Then I looked off into the near distance (approx. 5 miles) and could see the strangest formation of lights flying straight north. Normally B1's don't fly information, as far as I know.

I just stared in amazement, not being a little green men fanatic, trying to figure out what I was looking at. This was more than a group of plains it appeared to be as large as a small town. Being a US Army Veteran, it certainly wasn't something I could recognize or didn't sound like a B1 either. Hmmm! I went and asked my son if he heard the strange plane and he said he did. I told him... I saw a U.F.O. Unidentified Flying Object. Then I went back to watching TV.. With in a matter of a few minutes like "10 -15" the noise returned.

This is what it looked like on the second pass. (Artist Rendering doesn't do justice to the lights)

Scott & his family live at approx. 6500' elevation near Terry Peak between Spearfish Canyon and Maitland Road. The night sky is always crisp and clear.

Apache Tribe Reveals Encounters With Bigfoot

Footprints in the mud. Tufts of hair on a fence. Ear-piercing screeches in the night. These are only fragments of the stories now coming from the White Mountains in Eastern Arizona.

For years the White Mountain Apache Nation has kept the secret within tribal boundaries. “We’re not prone to easily talk to outsiders,” said spokeswoman Collette Altaha. “But there have been more sightings than ever before. It cannot be ignored any longer.”

It is a creature the world knows as “Bigfoot”.

“No one’s had a negative encounter with it,” said Marjorie Grimes, who lives in Whitewater, the primary town on the reservation. Grimes is one of many who claim to have seen the creature over the last 25 years. Her first sighting was in 1982. Her most recent was in the summer of 2004, driving home from the town of Cibecue. She becomes more animated as the memory comes forth. “It was all black and it was tall! The way it walked; it was taking big strides. I put on the brakes and raced back and looked between the two trees where it was, and it was gone!”

Grimes’ son Francis has a story. Their neighbor Cecil Hendricks has a story. Even police officers have had strange encounters. Officer Katherine Montoya has seen it twice. On a recent Monday night dozens of people called into the tribe’s radio station, KNNB, to talk about what they’d seen. Others came in person.

Read the full story with official reports and video at the link provided:

Another link: Apache Nation Bigfoot Encounters

Declassified Soviet UFO Chase

In 1991 an unidentified craft, travelling at high speed, was said to have entered Russian airspace. Four jets, including one outfitted with a video camera, and three other MIG-21 jets, were scrambled in order to intercept the object. This declassified video footage shows the object as it appeared from the cockpit of the camera plane. It appears to be a large, cylinder or cigar-shaped UFO, travelling at similar speeds to the jet (550 knots). Suddenly it increases its speed and moves off camera, outpacing the jets considerably.

According to the pilots involved, they estimate that the UFO must have reached at least Mach three in about ten seconds. The UFO is estimated to be about twice the size of the MIG-21s. With the technology available to either the Russian government or the United States government at the time, it should not have been able to move as fast as it does, experts say.

Video link

'Ghostbusters' Say Local Library Is Haunted

The 100-year-old Phoenixville Library has long been rumored to be haunted by ghosts of a man and his dog.

Now, some local Ghosthunters think they have evidence proving the library has paranormal patrons.

Librarians at the facility say the old man has been getting cranky lately. And real-life ghost hunters say they have the proof.

"Books have been sliding off the shelf," said librarian Dorothy Wolff. She also has seen a spinning pencil holder.

Lots of other employees have apparently seen the ghosts and over the weekend, the library brought in the Chester County Paranormal Research Society - volunteer Ghostbusters if you will.

Their ghost-energy testing equipment went nuts in the old building, and a night surveillance camera caught a book flying off a shelf.

All of this is leading to a serious question: Could this place really be haunted?

"Oh yeah definitely," says Cindy Starr-Witman of Chester County Paranormal Research Society. "Hair is standing up on your arm or the back of your neck - (you are) feeling chills with the temperature dropping suddenly several degrees."

This expert says these ghosts are harmless and readers should keep on coming to the library.

"They don't have anything to fear," says Starr-Witman. "It's nothing that's going to hurt them or harm them in any way."

If you want further proof, the local Ghostbusters and even the town newspaper caught mysterious lights on camera at the library.

Video available at the link provided:

'Hybrid Mutant' Found Dead in Maine

Residents are wondering if an animal found dead over the weekend may be the mysterious creature that has mauled dogs, frightened residents and been the subject of local legend for half a generation.

The animal was found near power lines along Route 4 on Saturday, apparently struck by a car while chasing a cat. The carcass was photographed and inspected by several people who live in the area, but nobody is sure exactly what it is.

Michelle O'Donnell of Turner spotted the animal near her yard about a week before it was killed. She called it a "hybrid mutant of something."

"It was evil, evil looking. And it had a horrible stench I will never forget," she told the Sun Journal of Lewiston. "We locked eyes for a few seconds and then it took off. I've lived in Maine my whole life and I've never seen anything like it."

For the past 15 years, residents across Androscoggin County have reported seeing and hearing a mysterious animal with chilling monstrous cries and eyes that glow in the night. The animal has been blamed for attacking and killing a Doberman pinscher and a Rottweiler the past couple of years.

People from Litchfield, Sabattus, Greene, Turner, Lewiston and Auburn have come forward to speak of a mystery monster that roams the woods. Nobody knows for sure what it is, and theories have ranged from a hyena or dingo to a fisher or coydog, an offspring of a coyote and a wild dog.

Now, people are asking if the mystery beast and the animal killed over the weekend are one and the same.

Wildlife officials and animal control officers declined to go to Turner to examine the remains. By Tuesday, the carcass had been picked clean by vultures and there was not much left of the dead animal.

Loren Coleman, a Portland author and cryptozoologist, said it's unlikely that the animal was anybody's pet.

After reviewing photos of the carcass, Coleman said he was bothered by the animal's ears and snout. It reminded him of a case years ago in northern Maine in which an animal shot by a hunter could not be identified. In the end, wildlife officials got a DNA analysis that showed the animal was a rare wolf-dog hybrid, he said.

Mike O'Donnell, who is married to Michelle O'Donnell, said the animal looked "half-rodent, half-dog" to him.

It was charcoal gray, weighed between 40 and 50 pounds and had a bushy tail, a short snout, short ears and curled fangs hanging over its lips, he said. It looked like "something out of a Stephen King story."

"This is something I've never seen before. It's an evil-looking thing," he said.

British Researcher Says Infrasonic Wave Sounds Create Ghosts

British specialist in information technology Vic Tandy says he will never forget that night. He was working overtime in his laboratory at the University of Coventry, England. The clock showed 7 p.m. All of his colleagues had already left yet Tandy seemed to have lost the sense of time because his work absorbed him completely. All of a sudden he felt cold sweat running down his back – he could feel somebody watching him. He looked around and saw something gray, fog-like and somewhat shapeless moving closer in his direction. It was apparently moving and looking right at him. The apparition vanished in thin air when it was just couple of feet away from Vic. The researcher cursed loudly, took a deep breath, and wiped the sweat from his face.

The above is just the beginning of a story relayed by Tandy to one of the British dailies. The remaining part unfolds like a detective movie interspersed with scientific details.

Being a true researcher, Tandy decided to do research on the phenomenon and place it on the solid scientific grounds. Having become a “ghost buster” of sorts, he spent five years looking into all the stories related to ghosts observed in the old English castles. He lay in wait at night. He studied the readings of scientific equipment. Eventually, he learned from whence the ghosts came. He even put forth the reasons why the English happen to witness ghosts more frequently than the residents of other countries.

Read the full story at the link provided...very interesting

British Researcher Says Infrasonic Wave Sounds Create Ghosts

Rosslyn Ghost Sighting Spooks Festival Actors

Actors rehearsing at Midlothian's Rosslyn Chapel for a Festival play claim to have spotted two ghosts in the famous building.

A cast member reported seeing a "fairy-like" figure in the grounds of the Chapel, while another said they spotted a person inside the building itself.

The actors are preparing to perform A Midsummer Night's Dream, which is being produced by the Roslin-based Nonsense Room Productions.

Producer Simon Beattie, who also works as a tour guide at the Chapel and appeared as an extra in Tom Hanks' blockbuster film The Da Vinci Code, said strange sightings were not unusual at Rosslyn Chapel.

"Last year we were rehearsing for a Fringe show, and when I was locking up I heard a child's voice in the crypt and so I shouted down that I was locking up," he said.

"When I went down there however, there was no-one there.

"We've no idea who the ghosts might be but it certainly seems that they are budding thespians and they have certainly livened up our rehearsals."

Recent UFO Sightings Over Bahrain

A second reader has come forward claiming to have seen a UFO over Bahrain on Monday evening (August 7, 2006), but one of the country's top astronomers has dismissed suggestions that it was a flying saucer. Indian Joy Michael, aged 35, claimed he saw a "strange sight" over the Bahrain Financial Harbour (BFH) at around 6.10pm while he was driving home from work.

Mr Michael, who works as an administration and finance officer at Techind, said he told his friends about it, but they also dismissed the sighting. "I was driving home from work with a colleague of mine at 6.10pm when I saw this apparently revolving dish-like thing for a few seconds," said Mr Michael told the GDN yesterday. "But the report in the GDN proved something was there, for a while."

The GDN carried a picture on its front page yesterday taken by a Sri Lankan couple, which they claimed showed a UFO that flew over them as they were driving along the Sitra Causeway. Engineer Omerdeen Hamad Idrees, aged 35, said he his wife, Shiyara, took the picture when they were on their way to Sitra Mall with their four-year-old son Imran at around 9pm. Mr Idrees, who works for Products for Projects, said the object moved very slowly in the sky and made circular movements over Tubli Bay before passing over his car.

Read the full story at the link provided:

Strange Holes Discovered in Krasnoyarsk Region

Residents of Novoselovo district in the Krasnoyarsk region have come across a mysterious phenomenon in the field. They discovered several tunnels of unknown origin in an area located some 100 meters away from the highway connecting the cities of Krasnoyarsk and Abakan, in the vicinity of the village of Kurgany, Siberian News Agency reports.

There are about 10 holes in the field. Each hole has an entrance to a cave-like hollow place in the earth. Some of the tunnels are big enough for a person of medium height to stand up straight. According to one of the suppositions, all the underground passages are interconnected in a network. A few daredevils equipped with flashlights attempted walking across the tunnels.

Local residents have a number of theories to explain the origin of the tunnels. Some people believe the tunnels are the work of unidentified pranksters, others blame mysterious animals which reportedly dig holes in the ground. According to yet another theory, the tunnels may somehow be related to an earthquake that occurred in the area 3 years ago.

Krasnoyarsk scientists have not yet made any official statements as to the explanation of the phenomenon.

Recent Sightings of 'The Loveland Frog'

There have been recent reports of 'The Loveland Frog' sightings in and around the Loveland, Ohio area.

Description from X-Project: The Loveland Frog is a creature (frog-like, obviously) that's been sighted in Loveland, Ohio on multiple occasions. It has the face of a frog and crouches like a frog, but has the ability to stand upright. The sightings are generally of the creature scared and running away, but on at least one occasion, the witness claimed to be have been physically attacked.

The Loveland Frog (AKA the Loveland Lizard) is a bipedal 50 lb. frog-like creature who's been seen on several occasions in or around Loveland, Ohio. One sighting occurred on March 3rd, 1972, by a police officer. The officer was on duty cruising in his patrol car, when on the side of the road he saw what he first thought to be a dog lying there. Conditions were icy, and to avoid possibly hitting the animal, the officer slowed down and came to a stop.

As he did, the 'dog' got up on two legs and sprinted past the front of the patrol car. In the headlights the officer got a decent look. Rather than searching for such a strange creature alone, the policeman left the scene and returned with backup. This time they didn't see the creature, but did find signs of it leading into a river. The sighting by the officer is described by him as follows:

"The creature was three to four feet tall, 50 to 75 pounds, leathery skin, possibly wet - matted hair on its body that made it look textured, possible tail, a head and face like a frog or lizard, and could leap over the roads' guard rail."

Read further articles at the link provided:

New Photo Mystery! The Braxton Beast

A startling new camera trap photograph of what appears to be an unknown bipedal creature has been shared with Cryptomundo by a reader. Taken literally days ago, the West Virginia photograph of the "Braxton Beast" was "captured" in a county with a well-known history of bizarreness.

The Cryptomundo correspondent, a 27-year-old gentleman, Frederick B. Gerwig, sends along this information in his initial email to me earlier this week: "Here is a picture that my father’s wildlife camera (motion activated) took around 12/07/05. We are not sure what it is, but it doesn’t look human. It very well could be a hunter or something, however, my father’s property is posted and this is a wildlife feeding site approximately 400 yards from their Braxton County, WV home. The proportions seem very strange as compared to those of a human. It is possible that it is low light distortion, but it seems very curious. Sorry the picture is so small. The camera he uses is somewhat low tech to prevent theft as it stays stationed at this location all the time until he picks it up to download and review the pictures on his PC. Let me know what you think…we are baffled by this image."

In a follow-up email, in answer to several questions I had, Mr. Gerwig writes: "I think I mentioned earlier that this camera is unmanned as to not disturb the animals that come in to feed. There are many rock overhangs and crevices in this area that this thing might be using for shelter. In fact, approximately 100 ft in the direction in which the entity is walking there is a large rock overhang we used to get under to get out of the rain when I played in these woods as a child. It looks straight over my parents house. Behind the entity is an incline to the ridge line of the mountain and a large rock wall with a drop of several hundred feet. P. S. - In case I failed to mention in the initial email, my father’s property is posted for no trespassing, very few individuals are permitted to be in those woods."

Braxton County, West Virginia, is the site of the "Braxton County Monster" reports of September 12, 1952, otherwise known as the "Flatwoods Monster" or "Green Monster" encounter.

Please read the full story at the link provided:

Dragon-shaped Flying Object Appears in Jilin Province

At about 6 p.m. on August 6, two students walked out of their library in Jilin University and looked up. “Look! A flying dragon appears in the sky!” A student named Li captured an image of the dragon on his picture-phone, providing the second instance of photo documentation of a dragon flying over China so far this summer. “When I was walking out of the library, I saw a bright, animal-shaped object flying in the sky, heading southeast. It was incredibly dazzling, just like a gigantic dragon. I immediately took a picture of this unusual event on my cellphone,” said excitedly Li, a student at Jilin University, Jilin province.

Li captured what he believes to be a dragon on his phone camera and began passing it around the University two days later. In the middle of the photo is a distant-looking dragon-shaped object, complete with four limbs and a tail. As they were leaving the library that evening, Li’s girlfriend Xiaobin suddenly yelled, “Look! A flying dragon appears in the sky!” A glowing, red dragon-shaped flying object streaked across the sky, illuminating the evening sky just after the sun had disappeared from sight. Dragon-shaped Flying Object Appears in Jilin Province

A similar occurrence was reported a few years ago.

A photo of two peculiar dragon-shaped objects taken from a plane flying over Tibet’s Himalayas piqued many users’ interest when displayed on a Chinese website. The photographer is an amateur.

On June 22, 2004, the photographer went to Tibet’s Amdo region to attend the Qinghai-to-Xizang Railroad laying ceremony, and then took a plane from Lhasa to fly back inland. When flying over the Himalayas, he accidentally caught these two "dragons" in a picture that he took. He called these two objects "the Tibet dragons."

Looking at the photo, these two objects appear to have the characteristics of crawling creatures: The bodies seem to be covered by scales, the backs have spine-like protuberances, and also they have gradually thinning rear ends. Although the photo caught only a portion of the entire scene, it was sufficient to create the appearance of two gigantic dragons flying in the clouds.

Read the full story at the link provided:

Rash of UFO Sightings Over Poland

Recently the attention of many people in Poland was drawn by crop circles that began appearing since the first days of July 2006. But it doesn't mean that anything else occurred. For a long time Poland - Slavonic country in the heart of Europe, torn between East and West, was a stage of various UFO events. 2006 also abound in UFO observations.

Dozen of crop circles appear this year in Poland - some less and some more clever and astounding, but there were also many spectacular UFO sightings. Of course some of them were released by unreliable sources or were clear hoaxes. Many of them need further investigation.

We would like to present some photos and sighting reports received by us in late July 2006.

Read the full story at the links provided:

Oklahoma May Be A Bigfoot Stomping Ground

CLEAR BOGGY CREEK, Okla. An old legend is emerging from the woods once again: During the last week there have been multiple sightings of a "Bigfoot" in rural Oklahoma.

Store owner Larry Watson set-up cameras hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive creature. He captured several photos that show a large, hairy animal wandering about a wooded area.

While it is difficult to determine if it is a Bigfoot, a bear or a joke from the snapshots, two children said they spotted the strange beast at Clear Boggy Creek in Atoka County.

"It was tall, it was brown, it had long shaggy hair, long legs and long arms," said 13-year-old Morgan Whatley.

Officials initially passed Whatley's claim off as a case of an over-active imagination, until another sighting several days later.

Police said a woman in her 50s suffered an anxiety attack and had to be transported to a local hospital after spotting a sizable hairy creature in her yard.

In early July, there were several reports of a Bigfoot seen near Old Camp Maxey in Lamar County.

Video at the link provided: Oklahoma Bigfoot

The Chase Vault (Moving Coffins of Barbados)

There is a vault in a West Indies cemetery that prefers its coffins in disarray. An entire family was buried within - the Chase family. One by one, family members both young and old would die and be carefully placed in their eternal resting place - until the father (rumoured to be one of the most hated men on the island) was interred. When the ground keepers opened the door to store him within, all the coffins seemed to have scattered themselves about the floor.

The strange occurrence happened again and again. Some reports say people could actually hear the coffins moving themselves while locked inside the cement sealed vault.

Many a strange thing has happened in the West Indies - not the least of which is the case of Barbados' self-moving coffins. The story goes that the family Chase had a crypt in a local cemetery to hold all the family members who'd passed on. The first to be housed in the edifice was Mrs. Thomasina Goddard in or around 1807. She was followed by two year old Mary Ann Chase in 1808 and then by another child - Dorcas Chase in 1812.

Those coffins were all very well behaved until the family head - Thomas Chase - was to be placed inside. Thomas, as we've already stated, is said to have been one of the more despised men on the island. When the crypt was opened to place him inside, the other coffins seemed to have moved themselves from their orderly places.

Those in the funeral party were angered at the finding, supposing heartless robbers to be responsible. This thought was soon abandoned as nothing was missing from the coffins, nothing of value had been placed inside in the first place, and (most significantly) the door to the burial site was a huge stone cemented in place. To open it, the cemetery workers quite literally had to do so with a hammer and chisel. The stone was also said to have been so big, a team of at least four men would be needed to move it. Confused, the townspeople placed the freshest body inside and resealed the vault.

The newest coffin was a 240 lb. lead coffin, an extremely difficult thing to toss about for anyone looking to drag it around until money fell out.

In 1816 another burial was to take place - this time for eleven year old Charles Brewster Ames. Again the coffins were everywhere but in their proper places. The 240 lb. lead coffin of Thomas Chase was also in the wrong location. The crypt had been completely sealed and, again, had no signs of tampering or forced entry.

52 days later, another burial was to take place in the crypt. A large crowd gathered for this one, and they weren't disappointed. This time the cement-sealed door was closely examined before opening, with no strange findings. Again the coffins had thrown themselves about. There was a difference this time in that the first coffin that had been placed inside - the only one made of wood - had been badly damaged by the tussle. A reverend was called in to check the scene, but left with no new insight. Once again the vault was sealed.

In 1819 another family burial was needed. The vault was opened with all the same results - except the wooden one found damaged the last time had not been moved one single inch. The governor of the island (Lord Combermere) had enough at this point and ordered his own investigation - nothing was found. This time sand was scattered on the ground to catch the footprints and movements of any pranksters. The governor's own seal was placed in the hardening cement, then the vault was ordered sealed until the next family tragedy.

But the governor couldn't wait that long.

Less than a year later the head-of-state ordered the crypt opened, this time only in front of himself and several friends. The seal was perfectly intact upon arrival, but the coffins were still scattered. Some of them had even flipped upside down, and one was lying halfway up the stairs leading to the door. The sand so carefully placed before gave away no footprints or signs of water. The governor then ordered the coffins removed to a new burial site, and the crypt was left open. It's standing open and empty to this very day.

We don't know about you, but we're not scared of it at all.

Ghost Hunters Investigate Central Fla. Home

Paranormal investigators are trying to determine if a strange floating object caught on videotape and an unexplained noise on an audio recording at a home in Sanford, Fla., were made by a woman believed to be haunting the historic home.

In July, Local 6 News featured a home for sale in Sanford that several people believe is haunted by a woman who moves items and slams cabinets shut inside the 1921 structure.

A volunteer ghost hunter team located in Florida, The Peace River Ghost Trackers, noticed the story about the house online and decided to spend a night inside the home.

"Hopefully what we'll see in the monitors is a shadow, an apparition, which is the Holy Grail -- capturing the apparition of someone walking past the camera," Peace River Ghost Tracker spokesman Scott Walker said.

"Walker must determine whether a floating ball of light (caught on tape) is a ghostly orb or a particle of dust," Local 6 reporter Mike DeForest said.

Ghost hunter Ellen Dvorak said before she can prove a ghost exists she must first try to disprove unusual activity -- such as a door in the house that mysteriously opens apparently because it does not completely close, the report said.

"Usually, 99 percent of the time, the spirits are very friendly," Dvorak said. "They might get your attention by making noises, touching you, poking you or whatever."

During their stay at the Sanford home, the ghost trackers found no obvious signs of paranormal activity, DeForest said.

"But, in an audio recording that they plan to examine further, they think they might hear the ghost trying to communicate," DeForest said.

Video is available at the link provided:

Paranormal Sleuths to Visit Library Park

If you believe in ghosts, you may want to steer clear of Library Park.

A Westport-based paranormal investigation society, the Smoking Gun Research Agency, said it has received several reports of ghostly activity in the park on Grand Street.

The group plans to "spook" around the area this afternoon at 3 if the weather cooperates, said the agency's director, Jon Nowinski.

The city's first burial ground, known as the Grand Street Cemetery, was on the site of what is now Library Park. It was the only burial ground in the city from 1686 well into the 1800s. As many as 2,000 graves reportedly remain in the park.

The agency has received seven "experience reports" from people who say they've had contact with the great beyond, Nowinski said.

"What we've had is information from people who have been walking in the park and had strange feelings, or driven by the park and thought they saw a figure within the park,'' he said. "One person who was walking outside of the park wall claimed they saw a figure kneeling at a headstone. It was one of those things where they looked back and the figure was gone, but they were certain of what they saw."

Read the full story at the link provided:

Bigfoot Hunters Meet In Northern New York

Whitehall Said To Be One Of Hottest Spots To Search For Mythical Creature

The 60-odd people who convened in a northern New York R-V park this weekend weren't interested in finding a yeti, or the Loch Ness monster even.

They were looking strictly for Bigfoot.

Members of the national Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization met in Whitehall to discuss encounters and tales of the mythical beast.

The group's founder Matt Moneymaker spoke of a couple in a secret Appalachian location who had supposedly experienced recent repeat encounters with the creature.

The organization met in Whitehall for a second year because it believes the town is one of the hottest spots in the country when it comes to finding Bigfoot. Members say alleged sightings in the area have been multiplying and have been constant for more than 30 years.

The group was setting up thousands of dollars worth of special equipment with which they hope to spot evidence of the beast in the area. Since Thursday, members have spend eight hours a day at the local bigfoot hot-spots they'd identified.

Apollo 11 Astronauts Witnessed UFO Encounter

The new TV documentary about the first men to walk on the Moon unveils a UFO cover-up. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon's surface after Neil Armstrong, says space agency bosses covered up their sighting.

And the Apollo 11 astronauts were also careful not to talk openly about it.

He said: "There was something out there, close enough to be observed, and what could it be?

"Now, obviously the three of us weren't going to blurt out, 'Hey, Houston, we've got something moving alongside of us and we don't know what it is, you know?

"Can you tell us what it is?'

"We weren't about to do that, because we knew that that those transmissions would be heard by all sorts of people and somebody might have demanded we turn back because of aliens or whatever the reason is."

The documentary also reveals that the astronauts had to repair the lunar module with a ballpoint pen after the historic landing in July 1969. In the cramped conditions, someone's bulky spacesuit had snapped off a circuit breaker essential for starting up the engine.

To this day, Aldrin treasures the everyday object that saved their lives. He said: "I used a pen, one of several that we had on board that didn't have metal on the end, and we used that to push the circuit breaker in."

The documentary also draws on classified documents made public for the first time.
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