Bigfoot Hunters Meet In Northern New York

Whitehall Said To Be One Of Hottest Spots To Search For Mythical Creature

The 60-odd people who convened in a northern New York R-V park this weekend weren't interested in finding a yeti, or the Loch Ness monster even.

They were looking strictly for Bigfoot.

Members of the national Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization met in Whitehall to discuss encounters and tales of the mythical beast.

The group's founder Matt Moneymaker spoke of a couple in a secret Appalachian location who had supposedly experienced recent repeat encounters with the creature.

The organization met in Whitehall for a second year because it believes the town is one of the hottest spots in the country when it comes to finding Bigfoot. Members say alleged sightings in the area have been multiplying and have been constant for more than 30 years.

The group was setting up thousands of dollars worth of special equipment with which they hope to spot evidence of the beast in the area. Since Thursday, members have spend eight hours a day at the local bigfoot hot-spots they'd identified.

Apollo 11 Astronauts Witnessed UFO Encounter

The new TV documentary about the first men to walk on the Moon unveils a UFO cover-up. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon's surface after Neil Armstrong, says space agency bosses covered up their sighting.

And the Apollo 11 astronauts were also careful not to talk openly about it.

He said: "There was something out there, close enough to be observed, and what could it be?

"Now, obviously the three of us weren't going to blurt out, 'Hey, Houston, we've got something moving alongside of us and we don't know what it is, you know?

"Can you tell us what it is?'

"We weren't about to do that, because we knew that that those transmissions would be heard by all sorts of people and somebody might have demanded we turn back because of aliens or whatever the reason is."

The documentary also reveals that the astronauts had to repair the lunar module with a ballpoint pen after the historic landing in July 1969. In the cramped conditions, someone's bulky spacesuit had snapped off a circuit breaker essential for starting up the engine.

To this day, Aldrin treasures the everyday object that saved their lives. He said: "I used a pen, one of several that we had on board that didn't have metal on the end, and we used that to push the circuit breaker in."

The documentary also draws on classified documents made public for the first time.

Paranormal Investigation Conducted on the 'Morgan'

For more than 60 years, people in New Bedford have pleaded for the return of the Charles W. Morgan, which began its life in the Whaling City back in the mid-19th century. Now, the spirit of the world's most famous whaling ship might also long for a return home.

The Morgan, one of Connecticut's top tourist attractions at Mystic Seaport, appears to be inhabited by the spirit of "Gerald," a 19th-century seaman who still works on the ship as he did more than 100 years ago.

The Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group, which has been using a scientific approach to investigate claims of the paranormal for more than two decades, has received numerous reports about spirit activity on the Morgan through the years. When the group received three similar reports from three different groups that described an encounter with a spirit aboard the ship, it decided to investigate.
When the research group checked out the claims, investigators had a haunting feeling that they weren't alone on the great vessel.

Director Andrew Laird had an encounter with a spirit during the group's investigation, although he didn't know it at the time. "We had security guards that were helping us out, and Dr. Laird approached someone who he thought was a security guard, near the midmast," group member Maggie Florio said. "The guard didn't respond to him; he just walked toward the midmast but never appeared around the other side."
She added that in more than 20 years of investigating the paranormal, this is only the second time Dr. Laird has seen an apparition.

A fellow "sensitive" with the group, Renee Blais, is the one who felt the presence of Gerald. A search of the Morgan crew lists on the Mystic Web site did not turn up anyone with the first or last name of Gerald, although the site indicates that there are crew lists from six voyages that have yet to be discovered.

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Walking Tours Present Gettysburg's Ghosts

Gettysburg is known for books, stories, tours and tales of the thousands of people who died on the fields during the three-day battle, some of whom are said to still be there in spirit.

The lore of the ghosts haunting Gettysburg, the site of some of the bloodiest battles in the Civil War, was one of the deciding factors that recently led a group of Girl Scouts from New Jersey to the town, said Jen Bohmer, the group's adviser.

The first night the group arrived on the three-day trip, they ventured to 271 Baltimore St. to begin a ghost tour given by Ghosts of Gettysburg walking tours.

Ms. Bohmer spoke of the famous ghost stories she has learned from reading books and watching the "Haunted Histories" series on television.

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Bigfoot Researcher Sues Over Keepsakes

The latest Bigfoot sighting in Northern California isn't deep in the woods or high on a mountain, but in a courthouse.

One of the leading searchers for the creature is suing the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization for breach of contract, claiming it never paid to use keepsakes he collected in his pursuits, including a plaster impression of what he describes as the hairy beast's actual big foot.

"You can't get this stuff anywhere," C. Thomas Biscardi said Wednesday by cell phone from Texas, where he says he has spotted a Bigfoot yet again. "It's worth thousands of thousands of dollars."

Biscardi claims the suburban San Francisco company agreed to pay him $215,000 but only made one initial payment. His attorney, Dennis Kazubowski, said the company hasn't replied to repeated requests to return the items.

The company didn't immediately return a call on Wednesday seeking comment.

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Spirits in Pub - and a Ghost too

You'll find a good selection of spirits at all the city's pubs, but the historic Adam and Eve has a unique one - the ghost of one of the men who fought in a famous county battle.

The pub, the oldest in the city, lays claim to having one of the city's oldest ghosts, that of a lord who fought Wymondham landowner Robert Kett in 1549. Lord Sheffield led the King's Army against Kett, who led a rebellion against the monarchy because of unpopular laws which made it legal for landowners to fence off what was once common land.

At the height of the rebellion, Sheffield led the King's troops along Bishopgate in Norwich, when they came face to face with Kett's army. It soon became clear Sheffield was going to lose. Thinking he would make a valuable hostage, he removed his helmet to show who he was.

But his plan did not work because a butcher attacked him with a meat cleaver and dealt Sheffield a lethal blow. While Kett and his victorious men headed up to Mousehold to celebrate their victory, Sheffield's army picked up their dying leader and took him to the Adam and Eve. They laid him on the table where he died - and his restless spirit has reportedly roamed the pub ever since.

Russian Cameraman Records Flight of UFO

An unidentified flying object has appeared over the Yeysk Spit (Krasnodar region of Russia). According to the Russian Center TV station, inexplicable phenomena have occurred in Krasnodar Territory before, for instance, circles in fields that were allegedly not made by humans. But now the channel claims it has irrefutable evidence of non-human activity as a professional cameraman has recorded the appearance of a UFO over Yeysk.

Local cameraman Aleksey Khoroshaylo visits the shore of the Taganrogskiy Bay regularly. The Yeysk Spit is a traditional location for weddings. On that day Aleksey arrived to film the visit of a newlywed couple.

“We came here to film the newlyweds as they drove in. Our driver then says to me: Look, there is a hovercraft. I took my camera, looked at it in a close-up and saw that this could not be a hovercraft because it was too high above the horizon,” Aleksey said.

The video recording made by Center TV lasts for 53 seconds. The tape shows a disc-shaped object moving above the sea at a distance of about four kilometers from the shore. Then a flash appears in the centre and a point of light separates and moves into the skies along a bow-shaped trajectory.

Experts have viewed the tape dozens of times trying to compare the object with a ship or a plane. They have even called the military with inquiries and have recieved the definite reply that no tests had been held in the bay on that day.

Yuriy Stroganov, head of a local TV company, and a member of the international organization MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) carefully examined the video and concluded that “the object itself, its movements, especially those mimicking a falling leaf — the shaking from side to side — are internationally known UFO characteristics”.

Stroganov plans to send this footage the U.S. He expressed his hope that an American specialist would try to determine the origin of the object.

Children Learn to Detect the Paranormal

During the summer, some children will spend their time in a swimming pool, others will play baseball, and some will perhaps tinker with science experiments at home.

But for a select few, this summer is all about ghost hunting.

A group of children learned how to detect ghosts the old-fashioned way in one of Brownsville’s oldest buildings, the stable of the old Charles Stillman House in downtown.

“An old way to detect ghosts is to place a recorder on the faucet,” said Victor Lopez, of the Rio Grande Valley Paranormal Investigators who taught the course Wednesday.

“Sometimes, the faucet will turn on, toilets will flush, doors open and close, showers will go on, the mirror will have hand marks on it, and sometimes you can see their steps,” said the paranormal investigator, the chief instructor for the Shades of History program by the Brownsville Historical Society.

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