Ghost Hunters Investigate Central Fla. Home

Paranormal investigators are trying to determine if a strange floating object caught on videotape and an unexplained noise on an audio recording at a home in Sanford, Fla., were made by a woman believed to be haunting the historic home.

In July, Local 6 News featured a home for sale in Sanford that several people believe is haunted by a woman who moves items and slams cabinets shut inside the 1921 structure.

A volunteer ghost hunter team located in Florida, The Peace River Ghost Trackers, noticed the story about the house online and decided to spend a night inside the home.

"Hopefully what we'll see in the monitors is a shadow, an apparition, which is the Holy Grail -- capturing the apparition of someone walking past the camera," Peace River Ghost Tracker spokesman Scott Walker said.

"Walker must determine whether a floating ball of light (caught on tape) is a ghostly orb or a particle of dust," Local 6 reporter Mike DeForest said.

Ghost hunter Ellen Dvorak said before she can prove a ghost exists she must first try to disprove unusual activity -- such as a door in the house that mysteriously opens apparently because it does not completely close, the report said.

"Usually, 99 percent of the time, the spirits are very friendly," Dvorak said. "They might get your attention by making noises, touching you, poking you or whatever."

During their stay at the Sanford home, the ghost trackers found no obvious signs of paranormal activity, DeForest said.

"But, in an audio recording that they plan to examine further, they think they might hear the ghost trying to communicate," DeForest said.

Video is available at the link provided:
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