Newbury UFO Debate Reignited

NEWBURY, BERKSHIRE, UK - The saga surrounding the mysterious lights which have baffled locals and experts alike recently has been revived with a fresh spate of sightings. Three locals have come forward to report seeing unusual objects in the sky, from blazing fireballs to light formations which left drivers on the M4 braking to catch a glimpse.

The sightings will add to the enigma surrounding the lights. In late September, Newbury residents claimed to have witnessed triangular formations of lights hovering over Greenham Common and other parts of the district. So far, the MOD and the Met Office have been unable to account for the phenomena.

Christine Prater of Marsh Lane, Curridge, opened her bedroom curtains early on the Sunday morning of October 22 to see two bright orange lights silently streaking across the sky at phenomenal speed. The sighting has left her wondering what exactly she might have seen.

She said: “As I came back into the bedroom, I opened the curtains and in the sky there was a little light that caught my eye - two bright orangey lights side-by-side, literally whizzing across the sky from west to east. It was like fireworks with sparks flying out from the sides.

“It was going very fast, and it was not a plane. I thought at first it was but then when I looked it was going much too fast. I could not hear anything either - no noise. That’s what I thought was so strange." Anna Burnett of Lambourn said she was travelling eastbound along the M4 between junctions 13 and 14 on Tuesday when she saw three strange bright lights over the motorway in a pyramid formation. “One light suddenly disappeared and then the other two stayed for a while, and then disappeared also. The lights were so close together that it didn’t seem as though they were planes. Drivers were braking to see the lights.”

Local resident Sadie Ives reported seeing a huge fireball moving across the sky last Thursday, and is also searching for answers. “At first I thought it was a hot air balloon because of the flames, but then I thought there is no way that would be flying in the dark. Was there a meteor shower or is there any news of an aircraft on fire?”

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