Residents Claim Spotting Bigfoot-Like Creature In SE Wisconsin

Video clips from a sighting in the same area a few months ago:

Two Reports Say Witnesses Saw 'Monster' In Area

MERTON, Wis. -- Two bizarre sightings of an alleged "monster" in Waukesha County are prompting some local residents to wonder whether witnesses saw the legendary Bigfoot.

David and Dillon Radeztsky said that they saw a mysterious creature in Merton, WISC-TV reported.

"We saw just a hairy monster on the corner of the woods," David said.

"I saw it leaning on a tree," Dillon said.

This report comes after another sighting near Holy Hill in Washington County. In that instance, a man claimed a Bigfoot-like creature took a deer from the back of his truck.

The description in both cases is the same: a 7-foot tall, hairy "monster".

A group investigating Bigfoot sightings will visit the area to look into the reports, WISC-TV reported.

In a related report:

Video clips from a sighting in the same area a few months ago:

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Wis. -- What's 7 feet tall, hairy and roams the local woods after midnight?

People are trying to figure that out in Washington County.

WISN 12 News' reporter Mike Miller talked to the man who had a close encounter with this mystery animal.

At about 1 a.m. Thursday, Steve Krueger was out doing his job. He contracts with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to remove dead dear from roadsides. He had just put a carcass in the back of his truck and climbed into his cab when something strange happened.

"I felt the truck shake. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a large, black furry figure reaching into the back of the truck. At that point and time, I threw the truck into drive and gunned it, because it scared the dickens out of me," Krueger said.

Krueger told Miller he was reluctant to even report it to authorities because he knew it sounded unbelievable. But he wanted police and the public to know that there's something out there that could be dangerous.

At nearby Cabela's Outfitters, hunters were skeptical.

"About the only thing that matches that description would be a bear or a gorilla, and we don't have gorillas around here," Cabela's curator Marshall Henricks said.

Krueger told Miller has was not drinking on the job. He has seen black bears before, and whatever he saw had much longer, pointy ears.

"Generally, there's not many of them around here. Plus, with a truck sitting there with somebody in it with the motor running -- it's an animal that's not normally near people," Henricks said.

"A black bear wouldn't come up to the truck?" Miller asked.

"They're very elusive," Henricks said.

"I never said it was a Bigfoot or a Yetti or anything of that sort. It was some sort of an animal that was large. Whatever it was, it was there," Krueger said.

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