Unexplained Lights Over Hawaii Creates Buzz

In the latest of what seems like a rash of unexplained lights in the skies, objects that are being dubbed UFOs were spotted over the Hawaiian sky on Friday evening around 6:20 pm by a surfer and his son. Honolulu resident Peter Hollingworth described the orbs as two lights circling in the sky, about 45 degrees above the horizon, according to KHON 2 news.

The television station even grabbed video of one of the lights from the Channel 2 SkyCam. So -what were the lights? The National Weather Service says nothing showed up on their radar at the time of the sighting and the Federal Aviation Administration didn't report anything unusual, reports KHON.

The U.S. military conducted a missile defense test off of Kauai Friday evening but the test didn't begin until 7:20 p.m.

And according to a report from the TV station's website an eyewitness account from Hollingsworth says this, “These two little fireballs with a stream behind it,” said Hollingworth. “Looked kind of like a shooting start but it just kept going. They changed directions a few times, at first it was coming in then it turned, then it went out then it came back in again"

Hollingworth was surfing with his 12 year old son when the unexpected show began.

“I was a little concerned. I told him come over and sit with me - this might be the last surf session we ever have together because this thing's coming straight for Honolulu. It looked deadly to me it was kind of spooky.”

The lights remain unexplained according to the report, but one skeptic gave his analysis. University of Hawaii astronomy professor Gareth Wynn-Williams told KHON that believes there's a simple explanation behind the UFO’s. “It's probably a contrail of some kind,” he said while watching video of one of the lights at his Kailua home.

The professor says contrails are caused by high flying airplanes burning hydrogen based fuels. One of the byproducts of the fuel exhaust is water. “The air is very cold so the water condenses and forms like drops very quickly and then these drops stay behind the plane until eventually they warm up and they evaporate.”

'Most Haunted Live' Will Film In Transylvania

For the first time ever, Most Haunted Live will be filmed abroad, choosing the spookiest and most legendary of all places; Transylvania, as Yvette Fielding, psychic David Wells, and the regular Most Haunted crew search for the legend of Dracula.

In a sensational 3-night special event, transmitting live and exclusive on LIVINGtv, starting from Friday 23rd February, 9pm what or who will the team uncover…?

Hunedoara and Corvin Castle in Transylvania will set the scene for this Most Haunted Live. They will attempt to make contact with the spirit ‘Vlad the Impaler’ thought to be the inspiration behind the legend of ‘Dracula’.

Yvette Fielding and her team will spend each of the three long nights exploring different areas of the infamous 14th Century castle, where Vlad is said to have been imprisoned for over 7 years, and is believed now be home to other ‘invisible’ inhabitants which roam the castle.

Originally known as Vlad Dracula, the horrors of this legendary characters cruelty to other human beings gave him the name ‘Vlad the Impaler’. It will be up to Yvette, Karl and the camera crew to search the castle in the hope of finding out more about his life including his birth in this vast open country, discover more about the devastating cruelty he inflicted on others; his imprisonment at the castle and finally his death in the wars against the Ottoman Empire.

Join the Most Haunted team, if you dare, on this highly anticipated investigation into one of the spookiest places on earth to see if they can discover more about the life and spirit of the legendary ‘Dracula.’ There will be no studio audience present in Romania, but viewers can still fully interact with the show via livingtv.co.uk/mosthaunted.

UFO Spotted Over The Carolinas?

News Video

Charlotte, NC (AP)- Some people in the Charlotte area called 911 dispatchers and reported seeing a weird hovering light in the sky.

Emergency dispatchers answered the calls in Iredell, Lincoln, Mooresville and Huntersville Wednesday night. One Lincoln County officer reportedly saw it, and the National Weather Service in Greer, South Carolina got similar calls.

Even stranger - people in between the two areas in York, Gaston and Cleveland counties had no such 911 reports.

The Federal Aviation Administration had no reports of plane crashes, and law enforcement officers said they didn't see any extra-errestrials.

Another Report:

Reported by Morgan Fogarty, CNN

This is the kind of story that really polarizes people: either you believe in UFO's, or you don't.

Whatever you choose to believe, some in North Carolina say the possibility of alien life is perfectly reasonable, and they saw it this week with their very own eyes.

911: "What is your emergency?"
Caller: "I just saw something explode in the sky and it was traveling eastbound, I'm on 77, it exploded in the sky, a ball of flame that was going east."

The first call came into the Iredell County 911 center in Statesville. The caller said he saw something that looked like an aircraft or a satellite that just exploded in mid-air.

Exactly five minutes later, at 7:58 p.m., the second call came in.

Caller: "I just, looked like I saw an airplane was in trouble just north of Mooresville, looked like was taking a nose dive, looked like something was on fire."

"Sometimes when these crafts come through the atmosphere they would produce something that would look like fire," said State Director for the Mutual UFO Director George Lund.

Lund said the area around Lake Norman and McGuire Nuclear Plant is a hot spot for UFO sightings.

"They think that they're coming in that area maybe to feed off some of energy that that plant is producing," Lund said.

911 operators didn't send anyone out to investigate because the witnesses, who called from locations about 7 miles apart, couldn't give an exact location of the sightings.

"With an area that wide, it's sort of hard to investigate if we don't have an exact address or location," said Bradley Brawley, Iredell Co. 911 Center.

The Federal Aviation Administration said they have no record of any plane crashes in Iredell County Wednesday.

UFO Spotted Over Iran

BOUYER AHMAD, Iran, Jan. 19 (UPI) -- Witnesses reported seeing an unidentified flying object hovering for more than an hour over Bouyer Ahmad, Iran.

The glowing object was spotted Wednesday, two days after a similar object, described as having a yellow ray and a red center, was sighted at the same time of day, the Fars News Agency reported Friday.

Witnesses said the object was flying at a low altitude.

The sightings follow a UFO crash Jan. 10 in Barrez Mounts, Iran. Deputy Gov.-Gen. Abulghassem Nasrollahi of Kerman province said police and other authorities were investigating the incident. He said the crash could not have been an airplane or helicopter because all aircraft flying through the area on that day had been accounted for.

Iranian officials said the object involved in the crash, which is the latest in many similar incidents in the region, may have been a spy plane or high-tech espionage device.

Istanbul Residents Report UFO Sighting with Photos

ISTANBUL, Turkey - Jan. 5, 2007 - Mysterious lights seen in Istanbul skies have baffled people on Wednesday night. Witnesses have claimed that the lights were coming from a UFO.

In Bah├želievler district of Yenibosna, Istanbul, people have called news agencies on Wednesday night and reported unidentified white lights flying in the sky. According to the eye witnesses, the flying object was revolving around itself and blazing.

NOTE: There have been several UFO sightings in Turkey but because of language barrier very few are reported in Western media

Unexplained UFO Light Show at Assateague

BERLIN, MD - 1/4/07 - We received reports this morning of large bright oval lights hovering and moving across areas offshore the Assateague Island National Seashore. The initial report stated that the lights were noticed around 12:45 am Thurday, Jan 4th, 2007.

The source was a resident who noticed the lights from his home located approximately 3 miles from the National Park boundary. He drove to the area nearest the lights and attempted to capture video of the phenomena. His statement was that the video did not capture the magnitude of light that was generated.

"...the video needs to be enhanced due to some interference that was distorting the image. You could make out a definite shape...disc like and moving fast along the horizon. On two occasions there were 2 discs that would appear and move together. The light was moving north to south and back and was over the ocean."

Attempts to verify the report were unsuccessful, though a nearby resident mentioned that her dogs were barking around the same time of the reports. She stated that this was rare for her dogs even when wildlife were in the area.

Authorities in Berlin, MD and the U.S. Coast Guard did not return inquiries.

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