Another Look: Bigfoot Video - Luxembourg 2002

Witness statement: "I am a middle-aged citizen of Luxembourg who prefers to stay anonymous. In 2002 during winter, I was on my daily walk to film forest life. But before I could reach the forest I noticed some prints on the snow covered ground. Then I saw a hundred meters away a dark and very huge figure. I tried to get it on film. The creature disappeared in the forest after a few minutes. I just made some stills of my filming material. I really have no idea what it is and I have never seen anything like this before."

There have been a lot of questions raised about this video but the witness has been willing to answer those questions put to them. The one thing that impresses me about this video is that the witness seems to be moving fairly rapidly towards the subject but gaining very little on it. As well, there is no hesitation by the subject like you would expect if someone were wearing a heavy fake suit.

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