Colorado Casino Haunted By Slot Playing Entity

While many people travel to Cripple Creek, Colorado for their breathtaking scenery or their casinos to try their luck at the slots, many actually journey there to visit one of the town’s most notorious haunted locations. And that location would be the Imperial Hotel Casino.

Originally named the Collins Hotel, built during the 1890’s, this hauntingly famous establishment is the base of many ghost stories told by guests and employees alike. There is one ghost in particular that these stories always seem to focus around and that is the ghost of George Long. George was an English immigrant who managed the hotel back in 1905. Not only was the hotel the place of his work, but is was the place of his death as well.

While there are many stories surrounding the actual events of his death, it is for certain that George Long died after falling down the stairs, which led to the basement. Whether it was simply an accident or an act of violence, this was an untimely death for Mr. Long.

The first reports of ghostly happenings once the hotel added its casino came in 1992 when a security guard heard something he will never forget. Around 4am one night, as the guard made his rounds, he heard a slot machine paying out. The doors had been locked and there was no one else in the building. It is impossible for this to occur on it’s own as the machine are set that if it pays out even one coin more then required, the machine will shut itself down.

Another night goes by and George is heard playing again. A new employee heard that clear, distinctive sound that is echoed through a quiet casino when a coin is dropped into a slot machine. Upon a search through the casino, no one was found. Apparently, George, like many others, enjoys the slots.

While it is believed that George is a kind and gentle spirit, it has been noted by a “sensitive” who took a tour of the building, that there is an angry presence in the spot where George has passed away.

Is this anger a result of a life taken too early by a slip and fall or that of a life yanked by a criminal act? Either way, the ghost of George is sure to continue passing his time playing the slots.

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