Haunted Playground Swing Spooks Kids In Argentina

A playground in Argentina has left kids and their parents spooked, after they witnessed a swing that moved itself for days.

Locals in the city of Firmat are convinced that a ghost is behind the 'haunted' playground swing that moves backward and forward on its own. They have reported the matter to the cops after it began moving four months ago.

People have claimed that the seat moves nonstop for ten days before stopping dead, while other swings remain still.

Teacher Maria de Silva Agustina said that the playground was haunted.

"One child called it the Blair Witch Playground. We believe it is haunted," the Sun quoted her, as saying.

The 'moving' swing has even left the scientists baffled and they are unable to provide any logical explanation to the event.

Cops have called in physics professors to look into the matter as they are also left bewildered by the phenomenon.

But now, the academics have ruled out the possibilities of magnetic and electrical fields, and winds and have called in ghost hunters.

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