Is Paranormal Activity In Video Staged?

JakusB writes: Okay, I'm not a ghost fanatic, I dont know anything about them, all I know is I have one in my house. I've been trying to tell my parents that I have been seeing and hearing weird things at night, and they never believe me. Things keep getting broken around the house, and they think it is me sleep walking. So I set up my camera to try and figure out what it was. When I got up the next morning and saw, it absolutely terrified me. I immediately ran to my computer and uploaded this. Please, I need help to get rid of it. I dont know what to do. Its very scary and I'm afraid its going to hurt me. You can hear it breaking some lightbulbs and a lamp. Please, I need ideas!

This video could have easily been faked but there are a few things that are noteworthy. I have contacted JakusB for some followup and will post when it is received.

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