Islington Man Claims UFO Close Encounter

Images from previous UFO sightings in Islington

Surreal photos capture what one man believes are visitors from outer space darting through the skies above Islington - the second UFO spotting in the borough this year.

Dennis Gray, 33, a car dealer who lives in Sebbon Street, Islington, has told of the "deep sense of calm" he felt after capturing the startling images from his front window.

He claims he saw a floating orb and a triangle shaped craft hovering above the Angel in broad daylight.

Though initially worried about speaking out in case he became the "laughing stock of Islington", Mr Gray has decided to tell the world about his "close encounter".

He said: "I looked out of the window and saw this sphere pop out from behind a cloud and start zooming across the sky. It was like it was watching me, but I was not scared at all. It looked a bit like a meteorite, but then it started drawing pictures in the clouds.

"I never believed in all this sort of stuff before it happened to me. I told my friends and they thought I was having a laugh. But when I showed them the photos they were all amazed."

It is the second time this year that mysterious objects have been seen above Islington. In February Archway was brought to a standstill by a "squadron" of floating lights, although many believe they were no more than glowing balloons.

Mr Gray said: "When the Archway sighting happened a lot of people thought they were lanterns and I can accept that. But what I saw was no lantern. I had contact with an alien being - I'm sure of it. I felt a comfort like no other."

One of the photos appears to show a meteorite-like streak of flame in the sky, while Mr Gray says two figure-like shapes in the clouds were the result of the craft's artistic endeavour.

Paul Southcott, of the Islington-based UFO and Supernatural Studies group, has over 30 years experience in the field and thinks the sighting should be taken seriously. He said: "Amber orbs are often followed by a triangle in the sky. That makes me know he is not mucking about. It sounds like a proper sighting to me."

But he admitted that a UFO doing "paintings" was completely unheard of, adding: "I have never heard of them painting pictures - that's a new one. I would be happy to talk to him about his experience though. Sometimes people get a bit stressed out after a sighting and would like someone to help them through it.

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