Kate McCann Says Madeleine's Ghost Visits Her

Tormented Kate McCann told last night how she is visited in the night by the spirit of her missing daughter Madeleine. The anguished GP says she is regularly woken up by visions of the four-year-old in her bedroom.

Kate, 39, revealed the visions to her mum, Susan Healy, who was worried about her daughter’s lack of sleep.

Susan had assumed Kate and husband Gerry were being kept awake by her two-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie. She was stunned when Kate revealed it was missing Madeleine who was haunting her.

Susan, 61, said: “She told me she has difficulty sleeping and wakes during the night.

“I asked: ‘Do the twins come and wake you up?’ She said: ‘No, it’s Madeleine. She comes in.’”

Susan added that Kate became “hysterical” daily since Madeleine vanished from the family’s holiday apartment
on May 3.

She said: “Sometimes she will have periods where she is devastated, hysterical, bereft for a short period of time.
This probably happens once or twice a day.”

A family pal said: “Kate may adopt an air of calm, but this just shows the private anguish she is suffering.”

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