The Little Girl's Ghost Was Watching

I was living in southern Oklahoma in a town called Ringling. After a week of living there my fiance and I were watching TV one night and she started acting scared and I asked her what was wrong. She said a little girl was standing by my side of the bed watching me.

I couldn't see her although I did believe in ghosts. I sloughed it off and comforted my fiance and we went to sleep.

As weeks went by my fiance let me know that the little girl was still watching me from time to time. I said, laughingly, maybe I'll get to see her one day, and when I do that is the night I will sleep in the car. I laughed and went on with whatever I was doing.

My step daughter came to visit us and she looked scared one day. I was sitting on the couch drinking a beer and talking with my brother in law. I asked her what was wrong. She said I'm not lying about this but I just saw a little girl about my age looking at you as she was standing by the bathroom door. I laughed and said oh that's just my little friend. She shook her head and went on to play with the other kids.

A week later I got off early and came home, I was the only one there so I decided to take out the trash. I went out to the trash can and threw it away and then bent over to pick up another piece of trash. When I did I got the strongest most overwhelming feeling that I was being watched. I looked up at the front door and no one was there. I sloughed it off and went about my business.

Three weeks later, one night while making my lunch, out of the corner of my eye I finally saw her. I looked back to finish making my lunch and realized what I saw and looked back real quick and she was gone. I ran into the bed room and my fiance jumped up looking real scared.

I said, "I didn't mean to scare you".

She said, "it felt like someone was standing by the bedroom door getting ready to come in".

I said, "that's funny because I just saw her and she was standing right in front of the door", I asked, "Is she about as tall as Marissa with blonde hair and an old timey burial or night gown with green flowery designs on it?"

She shook her head yes with her eyes wide open.

I laughed and said, "Good, I finally saw her now I want to communicate with her", but the little girl never would communicate with me.

A couple of weeks later we moved to Heldton Oklahoma, closer to my work place. My fiance said to me one night, "Say hi Sam".

I asked, "What?"

She said, "Say hi before she leaves."

I said, "Please don't go. I want to know more about you".

My fiance said, "She's gone, but she was standing right next to you watching you watch TV".

Well, since that night she hasn't been seen, but I still think about my little ghost wondering who she was and how old she really would've been. Probably at least 80-100 yrs old. Her night gown looked like it was from the 1800's.

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