Mothman Is Back!

According to an expert in Portland, Maine, the Mothman is still flapping its frightening wings.

Loren Coleman is a cryptozoologist and author who says the Mothman — a mythical monster who causes disastrous events like terrible traffic accidents — is behind some current carnage, including the Minnesota bridge collapse this past summer and another bridge disaster in China two weeks later.

Coleman says there are some precise paranormal parallels, including the fact that the Minnesota bridge stretched across I-35, and was built in 1967, and the original Mothman mishap occurred in 1967, on highway 35 in West Virginia.

He says, “There’s a definite link with the Mothman across time and space. The Mothman can still have an amazing evil effect.”

Coleman is chronicling the ongoing morbid Mothman madness in his upcoming book, “Mothman: Evil Incarnate,” due out next year…

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