Oregon Couple Reports Strange UFO Sighting

Raye Laufer has a vivid recollection of what she and her husband Derral saw in the sky above their Lacomb home last month and wants to know if others saw the same thing.

On Saturday, Sept. 22, the Laufers stepped outside to smoke cigarettes in the forested back yard of their Moran Lane home, nestled in a quiet valley among hills about five miles outside from Lacomb. It was shortly after 9 p.m., a clear night.

The couple fixed their attention on two long, silver, bullet-shaped objects flying side-by-side across the sky. Neither object had lights or made a sound, Raye said, and they soon split up: One headed east, the other toward the northeast.

As Raye scanned the horizon to see where they went, she turned and saw what Derral had just spotted floating above treetops almost directly above their home.

“There was this orb,” Raye exclaimed. A large object, glowing red and orange, silent, emitting what she says looked like sparks.

“It was beautiful,” she remembers. Derral and Raye watched the object float in the same spot for about a minute, move over until it was directly over their roof, pause, then slowly journey north.

The incident continued to bother her — and pique her imagination.

During the next two weeks, Raye, 50, set out to find others who may have seen the strange objects. She asked county and state law enforcement agencies if anyone called dispatch around the same time as the sighting.

No calls.

She posted a sign on a Lacomb bulletin board outside the town store, asking anyone who witnessed something to call her.

Still no calls.

“I know someone has to have seen it,” she said.

She headed to the Internet for research. After she filed a report with the National UFO Reporting Center, a representative from that organization encouraged Raye to contact media.

“I used to joke about aliens,” she said. “But there is something out there.”

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