Pittsburgh Woman Haunted By Resident Spirits

Lori Bookwood says she only wants to be done with the ghostly guests she believes have been living with her family for the past two years.

The Pittsburgh mother says cabinet slammings, window rappings, nighttime laughter, overturned plants and other bizarre events have prompted her to call in ghost-busters - for the second time - just days before Halloween.

The saga, she says, began two years ago in August, about four months after Bookwood moved into the 125-year-old home with her two daughters. First, she heard girls laughing - but her daughters were sound asleep. Then, at exactly 4:27 a.m. she heard a rap on the glass pane of a dining room door.

“I was paralyzed with fear because I just knew it was in the house,” Bookwood said.

Then, her 5-year-old daughter queried whether her mother had also heard the “little girl go by.”

Bookwood said she knew she had to do something when her boyfriend said something tugged on his toe in the middle of the night.

About 18 months ago, she contacted a local paranormal society. Seven “spiritual interpreters” came one evening for a four-hour investigation with an array of video cameras, night scopes, laser thermometers and electronic voice phenomenon recorders. After that, the strange happenings ceased.

But last summer, she says, the unwanted guests reappeared - the footsteps, the noises, the television turning itself on and off, the cupboards slamming and two paddles breaking off an unused ceiling fan and falling onto the bed right next to her daughter.

So, Bookwood says, she has called in the ghost-busters again. They are due to arrive today - just four days before Halloween. If that doesn't work, she said she plans to bring in a priest to bless the home.

“So we'll give it this one last shot and see,” she said.

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