Pub Owner Says The Ghosts Are To Blame

The owner of an English-themed pub in Phoenix says the ghosts are to blame for strange events, including glasses being thrown, beer bottles exploding, and women being groped.

According to reports in the East Valley Tribune, David Wimberley, who owns the George and Dragon Pub, claims his restaurant is haunted - and that other places he has lived, in the UK and the US, have also been haunted.

His employees have backed up his story, the newspaper reported.

Keith Jackson, general manager of the pub, said he's experienced many of the strange occurrences.

“Being poked in the back, having your hair pulled, it’s just really common,” he said.

"I refuse to be here by myself at night.”

Corine Gibson, a bartender for five years at the pub, said the alleged events tend to happen when it's quiet.

Mr Wimberley said that Allison DuBois - a medium who apparently inspired the Medium television series - has felt the alleged paranormal activity in the bar.

The newspaper reported that West Coast Paranormal, a team of investigators specialising in paranormal activity, set up screens and infrared cameras to record anything unusual.

The West Coast Paranormal recordings can be heard on the East Valley Tribune website.

Mr Wimberley believes the spirits come from an Indian burial ground across the street, but Keith Jackson had another idea.

“I think it’s David (Wimberley),” Jackson said. “I think he’s haunted.”

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