Scottish Poltergeist Wants His Dinner!

Paranormal investigators claim to have made contact with a poltergeist blamed for terrorising a Carlisle family.

Allison Marshall and three of her children fled their home in Raffles complaining of flying objects, flashing lights and unexplained noises.

Investigators from the group Scottish Paranormal spent Saturday night in the house in Mardale Road.

They say they identified the poltergeist as the ghost of a former neighbour, called Bill, and asked it to leave.

The group’s Jim Cunningham, of Glenrothes, Fife, said: “Within 10 or 20 minutes our medium, Ewan Irvine, picked up on who it was that was causing the disturbance. It was the presence of an old man, Ewan’s exact words were ‘a cantankerous old bugger’, who kept himself to himself and wasn’t really interested in the outside world.”

Mrs Marshall, 27, believes “Bill” to be the ghost of an elderly man who lived alone in a flat next door.

She thinks he is looking for the previous occupier of her home who used to cook for and look after him.

Mr Cunningham added: “Ewan carried out a cleansing. Hopefully this is the end of it. He told him that the person he is looking for is no longer there and has moved on.”

The investigators believe that the spirit was stirred when alterations to the flats began seven weeks ago.

They are now studying film and sound recordings taken on Saturday night.

Mrs Marshall hopes her family’s ordeal is over. They have been staying with her mother, Lesley Whitewick, who lives nearby.

Mrs Marshall said: “I’m waiting for a report from the investigators. All being well, we hope to be back in within a couple of weeks.”

Previous attempts to rid the house of spooky happenings have failed.

Last month a clergywoman scattered holy water in the hope of banishing the poltergeist.

But just hours later, Mrs Marshall says, she was confronted by a spate of supernatural happenings including a crucifix flying across the utility room.

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