UFO Sightings Are Rising Across British Columbia

Other witnesses have come forward reporting sightings of unidentified objects in the skies over Sidney, says Ufologist Brian Vike. Vike studies ufology, the study of unidentified flying object reports, sightings, alleged physical evidence, and other related phenomena.

Director of HBCC UFO Research in Houston, BC, Vike had another handful of witnesses describe a “bubble of fire” at the same time as other sightings Sept. 9.

“We saw what appeared to be a bubble of fire from a deck at the back of the house, slowly climbing into the sky and veering to the left and eventually disappearing as it traveled east. We saw two, one at 9:17 p.m., and a second at 9:22 p.m. They took identical paths.”

The report indicated three witnesses watched the pair of round orange objects. Another report indicated four others saw a pair of similar objects the same night.

“I was on the sundeck with a neighbour looking up to the sky (north) when I saw a ball that looked like it was flaming. It was heading southeast. My neighbour and I then called our wives to come out and see this object in the sky. There wasn’t any noise. The object then turned and headed east and disappeared. The sighting lasted two to three minutes. A few minutes later, another object that looked the same as the first appeared heading in almost the same direction. It then turned to head east and disappeared. This lasted another two to three minutes.”

Some similar sightings in various parts of the world, including Canada, have been shown to be Thai lanterns. Traditional Thai hot air lanterns are made from thin tissue paper and bamboo. A burning paper wick provides the hot air the lifts the lantern into the night sky.

But Vike is careful not to write off all sightings that are orange orbs.

“Not all orange light sightings are Thai lanterns, I am sure others are not suggesting this, but one sure doesn’t want to group the sightings in Sidney with the orange lights from the UK,” Vike said. “Possibly, it certainly could have been Thai lanterns, but we do not know for fact. So without knowing for sure, I personally would not lump the Thai lanterns in with the other sightings from the U.K. (2007) or Quebec’s Thai lantern sighting of 2006 with the sightings in Sidney, BC. The reason is simple; we just do not know for certain.”

It seems recent sightings also sparked a memory of a sighting from November 1998 that was reported to HBCC.

“While walking my dog, I spotted out of the corner of my eye what I thought was an aircraft in trouble, however there was no noise.

“I went down to the water and could see no aircraft in the water. Looking around, about 100 feet in the sky was a flying saucer. I said at the time on seeing this, ‘it was about time you showed up as I have been looking for you for over 30 years.’ In a flash it was gone. [It was] about 25 feet in circumference. It had what appeared to have three windows in the upper portion of the craft and along the lower section … a group of white lights which began to rotate along the leading edge and eventually formed one solid ring. As I watched this I knew it was getting ready to get the dickens out of there. I looked around for anyone else, but as luck would have it, not a person [was] in sight. I did not report this sighting, as I later checked with a group of people who I am sure thought I was missing a few bricks from a load.”

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