UFO Sightings Continue In Dixie, Washington

After experiencing a very spiritual encounter in the summer of 2006, I have spoken with other members of our community in Dixie, Washington. Not many (but a few) have seen the U.F.O's that I am about to describe.

I first saw what appeared to be two stars sitting in the northern sky in the month of November 2005. After slowing my vehicle down to observe these two lights that appeared to be moving apart and toward me simultaniously, I recieved a small red flash in my right eye, and instantly the two craft shot away into the stars at hyper speeds.

The next time I saw what apeared to be one of the craft, was the following month, and my son Daniel, who is 22, saw what I saw. The craft sped off like the others had. This was no plane.

In August 2006 on the 22nd day of the month, I experienced a direct contact with one of these craft. I was sitting in the lawn thinking about eternal life and what I would be doing twenty five thousand years from now. At that very moment I noticed a blue hue of a circle forming on the ground around me. As I looked directly up above me I saw what appeared to be a falling star coming directly at me. I braced to see a shower of sparks as it hit the atmosphere, but instead it stopped, glaring an extremely bright blue light at me.The blue hue was not of this world. I stood there in awe right before it sped of like the others at lighning speed.

Recently my cousins Nate Shelley and Josh Shelley, who live on the other side of our small town, experienced what was a similar event to the last. Nate Shelley said "I think it was something out of this world that singled us out. It was just there. Then it slowly faded away and disapeared into space."

As I wonder when and where one of these craft will be seen again, I cant help wonder if we are being watched by a species of aliens, or by our own government. I get a strange feeling that I am connected, as well as my son and cousins, to these strange lights that keep revealing themselves to our community. I think that it is possible that in 25,000 years, I will travel back in time to shine the light on us all. Who knows, I only know what I saw. They were not falling stars! Nate says "It's an experience that I will never forget!"

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