UK New Home Buyers Willing To Live With Ghosts

Many of the UK's first-time buyers are prepared to endure a supernatural experience in order to get on to the property ladder, new research has suggested.

According to a survey conducted by Yorkshire Bank as Halloween approaches, 54 per cent of house-seekers would not be deterred from moving in to a property if they were told that it was haunted.

In addition, 30 per cent claimed that rumours of a ghostly presence would make them more eager to view a house, in order to satisfy their curiosity.

Yorkshire Bank's head of retail Gary Lumby commented: "We all know to look out for damp patches and cracks in the walls when viewing a home, but it could prove a little trickier to spot a supernatural problem with your potential property!"

The survey also found that 44 per cent of first-time buyers would consider using reports of a resident spook to secure a lower price when negotiating a house

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