Britney Spears Thinks Malibu Home Haunted

I've been wondering why Britney Spears has been living off and on in different hotels for several months when she has a huge home in Malibu. Well, it seems that Britney feels her mansion is haunted.

“She is totally spooked by the place. She feels terribly lonely and hears all sorts of noises that can’t be explained. The whole vibe of the house makes her nervous and maybe explains some of her erratic behavior,” a source close to Britney says.

Alexi Csato, the previous owner of the house has said: “The place is definitely haunted. My family had some extremely frightening paranormal experiences.”

“We traced the history of the place and believe the spirit of a tormented girl is trapped there.”

Look, she still has her Beverly Hills mansion, so why not crash there? In my opinion, this is just another excuse for us to feel sorry for Britney.

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