Cryptid Ape Reported In Florida Town

(from - Folks who live there say nothing much happens in Glen St. Mary. But some excitement came to the little North Florida town -- in the form of an escaped ape. Or did it?

Downtown Glen St. Mary has all you'd expect from a small North Florida town: one traffic signal, one gas station and one big mystery.

Screeches in the night. A creature in the trees.

Stories of sightings echo on every corner. The local newspaper even ran a story about it. Eric Lawson's heard the tales.

"There is kinda that 'I've seen a bigfoot' type of feel to it," he said. "They said it made a nest in that tree, so it's probably somewhere here in the area."

What's got Glen St. Mary howling? It's a monkey.

Well, actually -- an ape. Specifically, an orangutan.

A handful of folks say they've heard the call of an escaped ape.

One family even found the grand prize: what looked to be an orange ape, nesting high in a tree.

We talked on the phone with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission investigator who actually answered the original complaint call.

He said there was definitely something up in the top of the tree, but he really couldn't be sure what it was.

So, he took a pack of jelly donuts and left it right at the bottom of the tree, hoping to lure the creature to the ground.

He hasn't heard anything since.

Well, orangutans really love fruit. So, hungry for answers, we went to "Ed" -- a neighbor who hears all the gossip from his produce stand.

But Ed had boarded up his stand and beat it out of town. Why did he decide to split? It's not clear, but the sign he left behind prominently features a bunch of bananas as one of his top-selling products.

Ed took off, and so did the mystery creature.

"The next morning, the people came out and it was -- it was gone," Lawson remembered from the story he'd heard from his father.

If it is an ape, where did it come from? The state says no one in Baker County is even licensed to own an orangutan. It seems like that's part of the mystery.

In the end, the evidence of any, umm, monkey business -- is still up in the air.

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