The Day That Changed America

November 22, 1963: A beautiful, sunny early afternoon in Dallas, Texas is suddenly turned into the day that changed all Americans. Two bullets found the mark and the intended victim is mortally wounded. In the 44 years since that day, we still don't know the real story behind the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

It's the same with other facts to mysteries that our government has decided to hide from us. Will these servants of the people ever come clean? Is the truth so terrible that it would cause panic in the streets? Or is it simply that a disclosure would prove that our innocence really did end 44 years ago in Dallas.

Remember the final scene in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?" A government worker is nailing up a large crate that contains the Ark of the Covenant, then wheels that crate to a forgotten spot in an endless secret warehouse never to be seen or discussed again. Another mystery that needs to be hidden away to maintain and foster a lie, all in the name of national security. I fear that scene may be closer to fact than fiction.

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