A&E Films Paranormal Episode At Willard Psychiatric Center

(from 13wham.com) - On Wednesday, Arts & Entertainment (A&E) network filmed at the old Willard Psych Center in Seneca County.

The national film crew went to the Grandview Building because of what some people who work in one of the oldest buildings on the campus have experienced.

People claim to have heard voices, to’ve seen a mysterious lady in red--even felt the presence of someone behind them.

The film’s executive producer George Plamondon said, "Are they imagining it, or are they real? That's part of what PRS is trying to find out.

PRS Is The Penn State Paranormal Research Society.

President Ryan Buell’s team uses special equipment to try to measure or document sounds, temperature changes and other indicators that spirits are present.

The plan is that the new show won't use hokey special effects; instead, it will concentrate on real experiences.

Plamondon said, “The people…if they're scared, you're scared with them. And if they're relieved, you're relieved. So if you don't see a ghost, does that really matter? Not if you believe the experiences they're recounting."

Willard was first opened in 1860, at a time when society had a different view of the mentally ill. The 50,000 men and women who lived and died there were not always treated kindly.

The A&E show is called “Paranormal State.” The half-hour show debuts December 10 at 10 pm. The Willard episode will run in the first season, though we don't know exactly when.

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