Guyana Expedition Details Abductions By Bigfoot-Like Creature

In Guyana, they have a bigfoot-like creature called a 'Didi'. Villagers say the Didi abducts children when the opportunity arises, according to the Center for Fortean Zoology's Guyana Expedition blog:

This morning they visited the home village of their guide and mentor Damon Corrie. The ‘phone cut out for a few seconds as he was explaining this, so for the moment I cannot tell you the name of this village, but while they were there they received the first solid first person account of the didi.

Apparently, about two years ago, two children – a boy, and a girl aged twelve – were walking on the savannah near the village. Out of the undergrowth strode a big, hairy, man-like figure, who grabbed the little girl, disappeared with her, and neither the hairy didi nor the girl were ever seen again.

The annals of cryptozoology are full of such accounts, but it is a very disturbing feeling to hear such a story in the 21st Century. Cryptozoologists from Heuvelmans onwards have described the world’s unknown hominids as shy and gentle creatures, and have done their best to downplay the stories of rapes, killings, and abductions. To hear such a story for oneself is a chilling experience.

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