Herpetologists Claim Unknown Species of Pit Viper in Arunachal Pradesh

(from TelegraphIndia.com) - A deadly hiss has emanated from the country’s easternmost state, Arunachal Pradesh.

A three-member team discovered what could be a new species of pit viper snake, from the remote Sango area in Papum Pare district of the state.

Herpetologist B.B. Bhatt from the state Forest Research Institute, Arunachal Pradesh, Pune-based herpetologist Ashok Captain and Kedar Bhide, a Mumbai-based wildlife documentary filmmaker told The Telegraph that two serpents belonging to the “new species” were caught after a one-year hunt.

Barta, as the local Nyishi tribesmen call the six-foot- something reptile, is the most-feared creature among the tribes in Arunachal Pradesh. Continued...Unknown Species of Pit Viper in Arunachal Pradesh

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