Mystery Predator Returns In North Carolina

(from - An unknown predator is responsible for killing animals in the Hedrick Grove community in southern Davidson County between old Highway 64 and Highway 47.

Over the past month, 13 goats have been killed with four being killed on Tuesday. Goat breeder Gary Everhart said the number of incidents involving animals continues to grow.

"We counted 31 incidents of goats, sheep, cats and dogs that have been killed, but this is the first time they've been killed during the day," said Everhart.

A large cat specialist at the N.C. Zoo believes the predator could be an exotic cat that escaped from someone's home. Rod Hackney with the N.C. Zoo said it could a wolf-hybrid, a mix between a red wolf and a German Shepherd.

Everhart said he has never lost so many animals at once.

"I've lost animals to illnesses and accidents, but I've never lost them to slaughter like this," said Everhart.

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