Top UFO Images Of 2007

Witness was watching the haze cams of Blue Hill, Boston, etc. While looking at the Hartford, Connecticut web cam, this image caught witnesses' eye. It was at 10:45 pm 4/08/07.

Photograph was taken in February, 2007. This flying object shot by camera is quite clear and features a very modern and aerodynamic design with a round shape reservoir or tank underneath. Photographer used a 5MB DSC f-717 Sony digital camera.

This object was taken after the photographer had witnessed several nights of UFO activity. The object was seen photographed over Herning, Denmark, by Jakob Ahler. Witness believes that the brightness of object is hiding it's structure.

New London, Connecticut, March 29, 11:49 AM. Photographer was accompanied by his girlfriend, but neither saw the object. Very clear day, lots of wind blowing and very cold. There were no electromagnetic effects, smells, or missing time associated with the taking of the photograph. Witness states: "I was trying to take a closer picture of the bird you see in the picture, and I finaly took it just before the bird flew away. When I got home I checked the picture in my computer and that is when I saw this thing in the sky. To tell you the truth, I did not see anything or hear anything at the moment of the picture."

Oregon-03-06-07. Witness statement: "I was outside my house when all of a sudden I looked up and there I see it! There was a bee hive on a tree above me, but then right by it a shape appeared out of thin air. It was kind of like the ship on Star Trek, how it jumps to hyperspace. Then it started performing weird patterns and such. Meanwhile I was frozen with terror. Then it erupted with fire and a very loud obnoxious scream/noise." source:

March 15, 2007. Carlos Rodriguez Lopez - north of Mexico City - several frame grabs were extracted. This evidence was secured on February 17, 2007 from the Progreso Nacional district. Inexplicata-The Journey of Hispanic Ufology

Florida-4-23-07- "I was outside taking pictures of clouds and passing [low flying] aircraft this morning [in my front yard in West Pensacola FL]. I didn't notice the *object* when I was taking the pictures. I came inside to upload the pictures from my digital camera onto my PC. Upon looking at the pictures I had taken I noticed a dark object in front of the cloud formation. I enlarged [zoomed in] the object on my monitor thinking I was seeing a bird or some "normal" object. To my great surprise the object that came into view was disk-like and resembled what is classically referred to as a UFO. I had my husband take a look at the photo and he was just as startled as I was. Just for your information: my husband is a retired Marine Corps pilot so he is a good judge of what a normal aircraft. His opinion: this was NOT a jet/airplane or helicopter of any sort." Source:

This photograph taken over the state of Texas in May, 2007. The picture was sent through MUFON's open source submission line. The object is very clearly not any known conventional flying object. It shows a disc or circular shape ad metallic with reflecting light.

Unknown Object in Photograph from Texas-05-03-07. The photograph was submitted to MUFON by submitter #6969. It was taken in Texas on 05-03-07. The photographer stated that he saw nothing unusual until he uploaded the photo to his computer. Unfortunately, no other information is available at this time.

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