Former Romanian Priest Sentenced for Exorcism and Death of Nun

A former priest began a seven-year jail term Wednesday for murdering a young nun during an exorcism ritual when she was bound, chained to a cross and denied food and water for days.

Irina Cornici, 23, died from dehydration, exhaustion and suffocation during an ordeal that stunned Romania and prompted the Orthodox Church to promise reforms and psychological tests to screen potential clergy.

The former priest, Daniel Corogeanu, and four nuns were all convicted and sentenced in September but Corogeanu was freed pending an appeal, which he lost Tuesday. He was picked up by police in the remote northeast Wednesday and sent to jail.

Cornici, who had previously been treated for schizophrenia, had believed she heard the devil talking to her. Corogeanu and the four nuns decided to try an exorcism ritual in June 2005 using techniques that the Romanian Orthodox Church condemned as "abominable".

The church, which has benefited from a religious revival in recent years, defrocked Corogeanu and excommunicated the four nuns, who in September were handed five- and six-year jail terms.

When arrested Wednesday, Corogeanu said he would serve his term if that was God's will, the national news agency Rompres reported.

Corogeanu, a Romanian, dropped out halfway through training for the priesthood, but still served as a priest for the secluded Holy Trinity convent in northeast Romania because of a shortage of suitable candidates for convents and monasteries.

UFO Lands Near Mezcala, Guerrero, Mexico

The city of Chilpancingo (state of Guerrero’s) La Cronica Vespertina newspaper reported the sighting of an unknown light that landed at Cerro Pie de Minas, emitting flashes for over 30 hours and causing alarm among the locals.

The event took place in the early morning hours of December 31, 2007 in the town of Mezcala, Guerrero. According to the news report from journalist Francisco Rangel, dated January 10, 2008, the phenomenon was observed by the entire town, cutting across all ages ranging from children to senior citizens and including mining engineers and laborers at the Los Filos gold mine.

Eyewitness accounts suggest that drivers halted their vehicles all the way to the Federal Highway in order to take a look at the intense light source that traveled across various parts of the locality at an estimated altitude of 300 meters. They describe a saucer-shaped craft that passed over the town square slowly and silently before landing on a hill known as Pie de Minas, where it emitted flashes for over 30 hours.

According to the newspaper story, witnesses to the phenomenon complained of eye irritation despite the fact that they saw it at a considerable distance. Not only that, but there is also talk of fluctuations in the level of electric power in spite of the fact that no voltage changes were detected at the electric substation belonging to the Comision Federal de Electricidad.

Many people took photos and videos with their cameras and cellphones, but their recordings were affected and distorted by an alleged magnetic force. They added that even the pictures taken with analog cameras were overexposed.

According to the newspaper article: “The object was seen by most of the population, ranging from small children to the elderly and entire families, seen at considerable distances by the luminosity that affected the eyes of many residents and the fact that the electric levels of all the homes dropped whenever the light’s intensity increased, ranging from a soft shade of light blue to a white and phosphorescent blue, acquiring yellow, orange and soft red tones....”

Many video recordings exist in spite of this, taken by people who managed to record it from their homes at a distance of 4 or 6 kilometers away. The footage shows a round light, whether white or light blue, with strange figures at its core that were described-- by those who peered at the object through binoculars – as something resembling a cat or a being with horns, causing the greatest degree of fear among the locals, rendering them unable to sleep for the two following nights. The sighting was not made known beyond the confines of the town until the first days of this week, although reports of alleged meteorite activity had been received from Amojileca and Xochipala on January 1st. Residents of Mezcala say that the inclement weather – strong, cold winds – could have been caused by the luminous UFO which appeared to have landed on the hill known as Pie de Mina in the wilderness known as “La V”, from where it was filmed by many locals with their diminutive Handycams and who were clearly afraid that something awful would happen, or that the vehicle’s crew would harm them.

Alfonso Ramirez Maya, 35, a farmer and board-layer, had a chance to film the UFO with his video camera and his daughter’s cell phone. He showed us the images taken, and those in which the light can be seen moving, but with deformations of the images on the cellphone. The white light resembles a balloon that changes shape, despite their best efforts at remaining steady. The images were obtained from their house on Calle Francisco Villa n/n, Colonia Cabeza de Culebra, 5 km from the sighting one kilometer distant from the Mexico City – Acapulco Federal Highway that passes through Mezcala.

Another person who had the opportunity to record a video was Jesus Santana Hernandez, who filmed the UFO as it flew over the community, but sent the video to Houston so that a relative could make it known through a local TV station, since some thought they could profit from selling the images. However, the majority of the locals who have the evidence are hesitant to disclose it, as they do not wish to earn themselves a poor reputation or be dismissed as lunatics.

However, they are all willing to discuss the experience after being told that an effort is underway to document the sighting, and even willing to accompany a research group to the site, as it is a rugged terrain filled with rattlesnakes and scorpions. Many of the people interviewed, among whom were serious individuals of all ages, youths and even children, offered interpretations of the story that agreed with one another's regarding the sighting of the light on the hill and its transit over the community of Mezcala, further agreeing with the fear and consternation they experienced for the 30-hour span in which the “flying saucer” was present.

Many residents of this community stated that there were several occasions in which some people tried to reach the place where the UFO touched down. In the night and evening of January first, when up to 20 or 30 pickup trucks laden with people tried to reach the sight were the light could be seen, the light simply went dark. There exists, however, the report of a group that came within fifty meters of the vessel described as a flying saucer, whose color was similar to that of brilliant, galvanized sheet metal, with a whitish or light blue light. These people brought with them video and still cameras, but their vehicles were left without power, with no electricity and stalled engines. Furthermore, camera batteries were inexplicably drained despite having been charged, and returned to normal operating conditions later on.

Bold youths who dared approach the UFO clearly heard two dry, metallic sounds emerging from the interior of the alleged craft. This spooked them into hiding under their pickup trucks and even made them weep like children, as they believed the occupants would emerge to seize them. This fear prompted them to flee the site as best they could, and they refuse to talk about it.

Closer images were obtained from videos taken from the slopes of Pie de Mina – one kilometer distant – where the object can be seen as larger, resembling a large white circle of encapsulated light. Symbols can be made out, and even the shape of a face drawn on a card by another witness, having the shape of a feline or a horned being that appears to be at the center of the light.

To many businessmen in downtown Mezcala, and food vendors who witnessed the phenomenon from the early hours of December 31, also saw the gathering of people who had set out to see the UFO phenomenon and who offered their versions about what it could be. There were many who recorded videos or took photos, but after the novelty wore off, they became disaffected after making the trip in groups of pickup trucks – accompanied by two local sheriffs – without finding anything. To calm the populace down, they said [the sighting ] had been caused by the clash of high voltage wires that entwined in the strong wind.

The owner of a budget store says that sales declined because people became frightened, and that Mezcala looked “like a ghost town” as many of its residents fled out of fear, believing that harm would befall them because the vehicle remained on the hillside, emitting powerful flashes skyward even in broad daylight. There are even those who say that another light above appeared to blink, as if communicating the one below. This made them fear the worst, and contributed to restless sleep for two nights.

There is much more evidence of the extraordinary event, known as a Close Encounter of the 2nd Kind (CE-2), a variety of eyewitness accounts from an entire community stricken with terror by the tremendous light that lit all of the nearby hills, and even caused the city’s own electric lights to dwindle, all of this amid strong winds and the cold nights of early 2008.

In order to reach the landing site of the luminous UFO, it is necessary to walk for several hours or reach the site on all-terrain vehicles, since there could be evidence of some sort to be found where the UFO remained for 30 hours, all the while flashing its lights.

It should be noted that the area has various mineral and metal deposits, such as uranium, cobalt, gold, silver and copper. A more thorough investigation of what appears to be a genuine UFO case must be performed, verifying if there were any traces left behind at Pie de Minas hill, in the “La V” wilderness of the community of Mezcala, Municipality of Zumpango del Rio, state of Guerrero. Other reports involving strange phenomena have been received from other municipalities early this year.

Why Is MySpace Deleting Atheists?

Social networking site,, panders to religious intolerants by deleting atheist users, groups and content.

Early this month, MySpace again deleted the Atheist and Agnostic Group (35,000 members). This deletion, due largely to complaints from people who find atheism offensive, marks the second time MySpace has cancelled the group since November 2007.

What’s unique in this case is that the Atheist and Agnostic Group was the largest collection of organized atheists in the world. The group had its own Wikipedia entry, and in April won the Excellence in Humanist Communication Award (2007) from the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard University and the Secular Student Alliance.

“MySpace refuses to undelete the group, although it never violated any terms of service,” said Bryan Pesta, Ph.D., the group’s moderator. “When the largest Christian group was hacked, MySpace’s Founder, Tom Anderson, personally restored the group, and promised to protect it from future deletions.”

“It is an outrage if Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and the world’s largest social networking site tolerate discrimination against atheists and agnostics-- and if this situation goes unresolved I’ll have little choice but to believe they do,” said Greg Epstein, humanist chaplain of Harvard University. News Corporation, Murdoch’s global media corporation which also includes Fox News, purchased MySpace in 2005.

“My personal profile was deleted as well, and despite weeks of emails to customer service, plus a petition signed by 500 group members, MySpace won’t budge. I think these actions send a clear message to the 30 million godless people in America (and to businesses whose money was spent displaying ads on our group) that we are not welcome on MySpace,” said Pesta.

British Scientists Discover How To Turn Women's Bone Marrow Into Sperm

British scientists are ready to turn female bone marrow into sperm, cutting men out of the process of creating life.

The breakthrough paves the way for lesbian couples to have children that are biologically their own.

Gay men could follow suit by using the technique to make eggs from male bone marrow.

Researchers at Newcastle upon Tyne University say their technique will help lead to new treatments for infertility.

But critics warn that it sidelines men and raises the prospect of babies being born through entirely artificial means.

The research centres around stem cells - the body's 'mother' cells which can turn into any other type of cell.

According to New Scientist magazine, the scientists want to take stem cells from a woman donor's bone marrow and transform them into sperm through the use of special chemicals and vitamins. Continue...

Mexican Hen Lays Green-Shelled Eggs

In December 2007, the hen began laying one green egg each day.

New Shrew-Like Species Discovered

In a rare discovery of a new species of mammal, zoologists on Thursday said they had identified a shrew-like creature called a grey-faced sengi living in a small community in remote Tanzania.

Sengis -- small, furry, insect-eating mammals that live on forest floors -- are also called elephant-shrews.

Until now, only 15 species of sengis were known, but this one is truly exceptional, the proud investigators said.

The newcomer, dubbed Rhynchocyon udzungwensis, stands head and shoulders above his cousins, weighing in at a massive 700 grammes (1.5 pounds), about 25 percent larger than any other known sengi.

He was identified by scientists Galen Rathbun of the California Academy of Sciences and Francesco Rovero of the Museum of Natural Sciences in Trento, Italy. Their discovery is published in the February issue of the British-based Journal of Zoology.

"This is one of the most exciting discoveries of my career," Rathbun, a 30-year veteran of sengi-watching, said in a press release.

"It is the first new species of giant elephant-shrew to be discovered in more than 126 years. From the moment I first lifted one of the animals into our photography tent, I knew it must be a new species -- not just because of its distinct colouring, but because it was so heavy!"

R. udzungwensis has "a distinctive grey face and a jet-black lower rump," said the press release, issued by the California Academy of Sciences.

So far, only two populations of the new species are known to exist, holing up in about 300 square kilometres (115 square miles) of forest.

The new species was first caught on film in 2005 thanks to a camera trap set up by Rovero in the Ndundulu forest in Tanzania's Udzungwa Mountains.

In March 2006, he and Rathbun returned there for a two-week expedition in which they captured four animals, using traditional twine snares, and made 40 observations.

Elephant-shrews are monogamous animals that live only in Africa.

They owe their name to early scientists who thought they were shrews and gave them the elephant name because of their long, flexible snouts.

Ironically, recent molecular tests showed that they are more closely related to elephants than to shrews, being members of a mammal group called Afrotheria, which evolved in Africa more than 100 million years ago.

Strange UFO Sighted Near Brownsville, Texas

This video was taken near Brownsville, Texas on January 26, 2008. The UFO configuration is very unusual. Is this a humanoid or unknown creature flying on a disc? Very strange indeed.

MUFON Believes Texas UFO Sightings Were Government Coverup

MUFON (mutual UFO network) is asking to have the military repeat their training as they claim that the UFO Sightings over Stephenville Texas was a military exercise ,although they initially denied that they had any military aircraft in the area. MUFON wants to study the image of what the 200 or so witnesses saw on the night of Jan 8th, 2008 and compare it with the pictures and facts they already have to determine if they were in fact F16 jets. I think what MUFON is asking will never ever be granted as the government could be lying or maybe they had a black project aircraft (secret aircraft) in the area. Watch what the MUFON has to say and decide for yourself, was it a cover up of UFOS? or was it a cover up for a secret military aircraft?

Mystery Track Images From Pennsylvania - Mountain Lion?

These track images are from The photographs were taken in 2002 but just recently released. In our opinion, these are very similar to those of a mountain lion. Some have suggested a large bobcat or possibly a black bear as well.

USAF General States Spy Satellite May Hit US

The U.S. military is developing contingency plans to deal with the possibility that a large spy satellite expected to fall to Earth in late February or early March could hit North America.

Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, who heads of U.S. Northern Command, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the size of the satellite suggests that some number of pieces will not burn up as it re-enters the Earth's atmosphere and will hit the ground.

"We're aware that this satellite is out there," Renuart said. "We're aware it is a fairly substantial size. And we know there is at least some percentage that it could land on ground as opposed to in the water."

He added, "As it looks like it might re-enter into the North American area," then the U.S. military along with the Homeland Security Department and the Federal Emergency Management Agency will either have to deal with the impact or assist Canadian or Mexican authorities.

Military agencies, he said, are doing an analysis to determine which pieces would most likely survive re-entry. But he cautioned that officials won't have much detail on where or when it will crash until it begins to move through the atmosphere and break up.

Renuart added that there does not as yet appear to be much concern about sensitive technologies on the satellite falling into enemy hands.

"I'm not aware that we have a security issue," he said. "It's really just a big thing falling on the ground that we want to make sure we're prepared for."

The satellite includes some small engines that contain a toxic chemical called hydrazine — which is rocket fuel. But Renuart said they are not large booster engines with substantial amounts of fuel.

UFO's Confront Japanese Airliner Over Mexico

An Japan Airlines Boeing 747-400 was surrounded by 20 spherical objects in the San Mateo Air Corridor in the vicinity of the Satellite Towers in the state of Mexico. This report was provided to researcher Alfonso Salazar by technical personnel of the MCIA who had direct access to crew information. The airliner's registration number is JA-880.

The sighting took place on January 24, 2008 at 6:30 in the evening, when the Japanese airliner flew the Vancouver-Mexico City route.

The witnesses specified that the flying objects were black-colored and divided into two groups.

It should be noted multiple encounters between UFOs and airliners have been reported in this air corridor.

Video: Helicopter Pursuing Two UFO's In Japan

Video from September 2007 taken in Ebetsu, Hokkaido, Japan. Helicopter (probably military) pursuing two UFO's when a third object appears. No further information provided.

Beauty Queen Rejected Because She Reads Tarot Cards

Say, who's that dude with the pitchfork selecting the next queen of Toronto's tourism industry? Hmmm, could it be...SATAN?!!!

It seems that a Toronto woman was invited to judge a local beauty pageant, only to have the invite retracted because some of her hobbies were deemed a little too demonistic.

Stephanie Conover, an actor, singer, dancer, and current Miss Canada Plus 2007, was asked about three weeks ago if she would be interested in judging the 2008 Miss Toronto Tourism contest on February 2. She accepted, and sent along a brief bio detailing some of her interests, including knitting, reading, yoga, reiki, and tarot card reading. Last Tuesday she got a letter from pageant organizers revoking her invitation because the latter two practices constitute "the occult" and "witchcraft." Reiki is a Japanese art that seeks to heal the body with energy, while Tarot cards are an ancient way of seeking spiritual guidance or entertaining friends when the cable goes out. (Yoga, another potentially diabolical pastime, passed the holy litmus test, although it's possible that the upright folks at Miss Toronto Tourism may have confused it with yogurt.)

The rest of the letter was similarly absurd, in that fundamentalist religious way that's both comic and terrifying at the same time. It notes that reiki and Tarot are not only unacceptable to "Jews, Muslims, or Christians," but to God Himself, who is no doubt even now cursing his bad luck that he doesn't get to call down hellfire on the pageant, thanks to organizers who had the wit to dump their Jonah overboard before the Big Guy took matters into His Own Hands.

The letter goes on to quote Leviticus 20:6, where God states: "I will set my face against the person who turns to mediums or spiritists to prostitute himself by following them, and I will cut them off from his people," although fortunately for Stephanie, she's apparently been exempted from the requirements of Leviticus 20:27, which mandates that "A man or a woman who is a medium...shall surely be put to death; they shall stone them with stones."

The Miss Toronto Tourism pageant has no any apparent affiliation with the Toronto Convention & Visitors Association or other quasi-official tourism organization.

Stephanie, who is a practicing Wiccan, told Torontoist that she was shocked to receive the letter. "They're attacking my character when they know nothing about me, and based on things that have nothing to do with the pageant. Reiki and tarot card reading are both positive practices that have nothing to do with 'dark forces.'"

Even granted that beauty contest audiences in general are more likely be populated by Bible belters than by the be-pentacled crowd, the change of heart on Stephanie's judging credentials still comes off as a little insane old-fashioned. Stepanie says that "they're trying to burn me at the stake without knowing anything about my character," a metaphor which probably leaves the anti-witch brigade yearning for the glories of days gone by.

The letter also hopes that "Stephanie Conover will turn from these belief systems and will repent from her practice of them." However, in her conversation with Torontoist, Stephanie expressed no interest in repenting.

Ironically, one of the virtues that Miss Toronto Tourism trumpets on their website is their commitment to multiculturalism. Presumably they're thinking of a limited kind of diversity, inclusive only of those who don't engage in God-pissing-off practices like being gay, eating bacon, or believing in evolution. But hey, you can't spell multi-culturalism without "cult."

The Miss Toronto Tourism pageant did not respond to an email from Torontoist requesting comment.

Arizona Woman Freaks Out, Warns Cops

A woman arrested for causing a scene at a Valley restaurant spat at an officer and on the drive to the police station threatened to hunt down the officer's wife and children, investigators said.

Tammy Ray Barnes, 37, of Gilbert, faces possible charges for aggravated assault and threatening and intimidating an officer.

Police said Barnes harassed customers at the Islands restaurant at 1665 S. Alma School Road on Wednesday and shouted profanities at the manager.

Several arriving officers said when the woman refused to pay her bill, they arrested her on suspicion of trespassing and disorderly conduct.

As Barnes was being led to the patrol car, she spat at one of the officers and struggled with them, officers said. The woman claimed she was a lawyer and kickboxer, according to authorities.

Once inside a patrol car, she began hitting her head against the window and threatening to kill herself, according to police.

She told one of the officers on the drive to the police station, "I will come after you with a vengeance. I will come to your station. I will never let you rest. I will hunt your wife. I will hunt your kids."

Film Icon Chimp To Write Autobiography

He is a true Hollywood star, plucked from obscurity to play a leading role in a series of hit films before overcoming an addiction to alcohol and cigars.

Cheeta the Chimp, who is 75 and is listed in the Guinness World Records as the oldest living non-human primate, is to publish his memoirs.

The chimpanzee, who lives in California and whose real name is Jiggs, has been approached by the publisher Fourth Estate.

He has also taken on a literary agent and is working with a ghostwriter on a "funny, moving and searingly honest" autobiography.

Cheeta, who starred in 12 Tarzan films, retired from the big screen in the 1967. Me Cheeta will be published in October.

Personaly, I can hardly wait for the book signing tour!

New Video Warnings To Scientology By Anonymous

Hello, followers of Scientology. We are Anonymous.

We direct this message to you in good faith, with hopes that you better understand our motivations. Anonymous differentiates the actions of the leaders of your church from yourselves, and therefore wishes to assist you in this critical time. We ask that you take a moment to consider our message.

The Church of Scientology promises you the study of truth, and the better understanding of life. The Church promises personal salvation and the betterment of one's self. It strives for evolution to a higher state of being. These are goals most individuals have always endeavored for, but rarely attain.

So we ask you, have you ever considered why monetary assets are required to achieve this cardinal step of evolution? If Scientology is capable of bringing mankind into a new way of being, then why must its followers provide large sums of currency over extended periods in order to progress through the ranks of better understanding? An advanced society would recognize the importance of knowledge, and freely provide it to all those who wish to seek its bounty. Scientology leaders act against this doctrine, and vigorously fight to keep materials from public view. These actions only serve to benefit the leadership of Scientology, and not its followers.

The Church of Scientology has also been known to ask its followers to sever ties with friends and family when they are not also members of the church. We ask you to consider this, and why this segregation must occur in order for its followers to improve ones self. Family and friends provide a strength that others cannot, and would be an important asset in the effort of self improvement. Scientology leaders discourage this, because they do not wish you to discuss the practices of the church with outsiders. These actions only serve to benefit the leadership of Scientology, and not its followers.

Another critical issue is the legal history of the Church of Scientology. The church often refutes these illegal practices, and informs its followers that any such information is a fabrication, created to discredit the church and its members. But we ask you, have you ever investigated these claims for yourself? There are many official documents available which confirm the involvement of the Church of Scientology and its members in the very crimes it denies. One example is Mary Sue Hubbard herself, who pleaded guilty and was convicted of conspiracy against the United States of America, during "Operation Snow White".

The Church of Scientology is also known for its strong oppression of critics. We ask you, why would an organization striving to improve mankind feel the need to silence and discredit those who oppose its views? Such policies are not congruent with the publicly established goals of Scientology, nor are they the actions of an enlightened group.

The leadership of the Church of Scientology does not wish you to know of these kinds of events, but we ask that you examine these actions and the many accusations against the Church of Scientology, and come to your own conclusions of their legitimacy. Not doing so only serves to benefit the leadership of Scientology, and not its followers.

We conclude this message to reinforce our position of guidance and support to the followers of the Church of Scientology. If you are one of the many living in fear of the church, for your free-thinking or your desire to leave, then now is your time to assist in the movement against your oppressors.

Knowledge is free.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

It has come to the attention of Anonymous that there are a number of you out there who do not clearly understand what we are or why we have undertaken our present course of action. Contrary to the assumptions of the media, Anonymous is not "a group of super hackers". Anonymous is a collective of individuals united by an awareness that someone must do the right thing, that someone must bring light to the darkness, that someone must open the eyes of a public that has slumbered for far too long. Among our numbers you will find individuals from all walks of life - lawyers, parents, IT professionals, members of law enforcement, college students, veterinary technicians and more. Anonymous is everyone and everywhere. We have no leaders, no single entity directing us - only the collective outrage of individuals, guiding our hand in the current efforts to bring awareness.We want you to be aware of the very real dangers of Scientology. We want you to know about the gross human rights violations committed by this cult. We want you to know about Lisa McPhearson. We want you to know about former members of Scientology's private navy, SeaOrg, who were forced to have abortions so that they could continue in service to the church. We want you to know about Scientology's use of child labor and their gulags. We want you to know about Operation Freakout and Paulette Cooper. We want you to know about Operation Snow White and Scientology's efforts to infiltrate the government of the United States of America.We want you to know about all of these things that have been swept under the rug for far too long. The information is out there. It is yours for the taking. Arm yourself with knowledge. Be very wary of the 10th of February. Anonymous invites you to join us in an act of solidarity. Anonymous invites you to take up the banner of free speech, of human rights, of family and freedom. Join us in protest outside of Scientology centers world wide. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We will be heard. Expect us.

Have You Seen A Sasquatch? Call Us, We're Ready To Believe You!

So you've seen a sasquatch. Who are you going to call?

The provincial wildlife branch's 24-hour hotline, 1-800- 663-WILD (9453) is a possibility.

Ever had any sasquatch reports?

"I don't believe we have," the operator said.

Actually, the hotline is for such sightings as cougars or bears being where they shouldn't or injured goats along the Trans-Canada Highway, according to the operator.

Nor does the wildlife branch bother with sasquatch sightings or the hairy humanoids themselves, according to spokesman Don Gilmour. "We don't track them," said Gilmour, who refused to comment on their status as an endangered species.

If anyone at the branch studies sasquatches, apparently they don't talk about it.

And they're doing it on their own time, he said.

Just because the provincial government seemingly ignores sasquatches, it hasn't stopped people -- and the media -- from reporting sightings. Those that occur tend to be in the province's coastal region.

On the Island, the Port Alberni/Tofino corridor has had several provocative reports. In 2002, Graham Andrews of the Alberni Valley Times wrote about sightings, first in the woods and later on a darkened highway, by Arnold Frank and his nephew.

"We just saw some real big orange eyes, real high off the ground," Arnold is quoted as saying.

Arnold is convinced it wasn't a bear. "It was too big to be a bear. And bears don't walk on two legs."

But the sighting garnering the most response allegedly occurred near Tofino in the summer of 2006. The jumpy video Strange Humanoid Encounter debuted last February on

By late last week, the clip had been viewed 1,146,627 times on YouTube.

"My hypothesis is that this was a bear, although my memory deceives me," writes the man identified only by his e-mail address in the preface to the video.

"The animal was about seven feet tall, give or take a foot. It hunched over quite a bit."

The clip, however, is one of the more plausible of YouTube's sasquatch or bigfoot videos. In many, the creature looks like an escapee from a costume party.

While sasquatch sightings tend to be sources of fun, the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club ( takes them seriously.

The club opposes the killing of any cryptid -- creatures presumed extinct or known only anecdotally.

If you think you have seen a sasquatch, click on the "sightings" logo on the club website. Be prepared to give exact location and terrain, weather conditions, landmarks and witnesses, as well as the creature's height, weight and body covering. A photograph or video helps.

The website also offers sasquatch-sighters souvenir clothing from T-shirts to barbecue aprons, along with mugs, mouse pads and a wall clock.

UFO Video Captured On Vera Cruz, Mexico Police Camera

This video was shot in October 2007 and just recently released by Mexican officials. During a traffic stop in the State of Vera Cruz, Mexico, a patrolman sitting in the car turned the police video camera to the left to capture the image of a UFO hovering near the highway.

The First Marijuana Vending Machine In L.A.

Well for all you stoners out there it’s finally here! Your dream come true! The world’s first weed ATM! Well actually, AVM’s: Anytime-Vending-Machines.

This AVM is available 24/7, is fully secured in it’s own room, has two dispensaries, and full-time security for your protection. You must have a doctor’s consultation and prescription to use the machine. Once you do, go to the AVM, get you prescription approved, fingerprints taken, and get your prepaid credit card ready to use the machine. Then once you’ve done that, you can go to the AVM at anytime and get your vacuum-sealed weed! You are allowed up to 1 ounce a week.

The machine will be up and running this coming Monday. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be the first person to use the world’s first automated weed dispenser? What a thing to tell your grandkids!

Future plans include machine-vended pharmaceuticals like Vicodin, Viagra, and Propecia.

Recent Beast Of Castor Sighting Reported

When Ian Parr heard a rustle in the undergrowth, little did he imagine he was about to cross paths with a legendary big cat.

But after his hair-raising close encounter at a local beauty spot, the groundworker is convinced he spotted the beast of Castor.

The puma-like creature has also been seen in Bretton – most recently by prison worker Ian Moody, who stumbled across the animal on Christmas Day.

The story of an exotic feline roaming the region has attained urban legend status – with a sighting in Castor Hanglands in 2005 fuelling the rumours further.

It was in the same patch that Mr Parr (46) saw the mysterious cat on a lonely country track while he was out walking his pet Japanese Akita dog, Mika, last Thursday morning.

Taken aback to see the black cat foraging in the soil, he stood rooted to the spot for several seconds.

But the animal, spooked at being discovered, had bolted in the blink of an eye.

Mr Parr, of Aldermans Drive, Peterborough, said the events unfolded so quickly, there would have been no chance to capture it on camera.

But he insisted he was "100 per cent sure" that what he saw was a genuine big cat.

He said: "I was walking my dog at about 7.30am. I looked round and there was this black cat, but the length of its tail which was curved up at the end convinced me it was a big cat.

"It was 25 yards away in a ditch. It happened so quickly.

"It was just getting light, but I'm 100 per cent sure I saw it.

"The body was at least two and a half feet long, and its tail was nearly as long.

"It was too big to be a domestic cat.

"My dog was off it's lead and I wanted to get it back on. She was chasing and I didn't want them getting together."

He was so stunned after the sighting, he called his wife, Tracey (39), to share the news.

Although he wasn't scared, he admitted feeling apprehensive that he may have another, even closer encounter with the beast, and hurried back home.

He said: "You hear stories about this and I'd like to believe it was possibly the Beast of Castor.

"The chances of my seeing it again are not very good. I did wonder, 'wow, did it happen?' But it did."

Meanwhile, Mary Lord of Mewburn, Bretton also thinks she spotted the animal as she was with her husband and travelling along the A47.

She said: "The road was fairly quiet and looking around me, I saw a black animal sitting motionless on the side of the road.

"At first I thought it was a black labrador, but its ears were not right.

"It sat just like the beast."

Morphing UFO Video From South India

This video was recently posted on YouTube. According to the person who posted, it was recorded on a mobile phone camera in Annaikatti not far from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India. Interesting pair of stationary lights that morph into other light orbs then rejoin.

The "Maury Show" Ghost Adventures Video

This recent video is from the "Maury Show" with the paranormal investigators from Ghosts Adventures on the SciFi Channel. This video was edited from the original broadcast. Some of the incidents are not shown, in particular the ghost face around the corner of a building which I have seen in similar video accounts by others. Frankly, I have my doubts about some of the incidents...let alone prompting the studio audience to moan and groan.

Green Coconut Breaking is a Big Deal in India

Meet Mohammed Zakir of Bhubaneshwar in India. It seems he is the green coconut breaking world record holder. For some reason, this is a big event in India with government officials, news coverage and bands.

Mysterious Blue Haze Covers Kanawha County, WV

For most of Friday, officials could not determine the cause of the blue haze that covered much of Kanawha County and Charleston, West Virginia. It has been described to have a chlorine smell and warnings have been issued for residents to stay inside. Still no word to the origin or what the haze consist of. Stay tuned....

Gay Hate Group to Picket Heath Ledger's Funeral

The Westboro Baptist Church, an extreme gay hate group, plans to picket the funeral of actor Heath Ledger who played a closeted gay cowboy in the film, "Brokeback Mountain" even though Ledger was not homosexual!

22-Foot Python Is The World's Largest In Captivity

A 22-foot python in Florida that requires at least seven men to handle is considered to be the largest snake in captivity.

The giant reticulated python was recently acquired by The Alligator Farm Zoological Park in St. Augustine and has already prompted crowds to gather at the facility.

"(The snake) is so strong, you can't believe," Grady Barr of National Geographic said. "(And) 10,000 muscles these guys have. They exert tremendous force."

The group of men put the snake in a giant tube to measure it, but the snake coiled and refused to slither to the other end.

"It is difficult to measure for obvious reasons," Barr said while trying to control the snake.

Barr then ran a string down the snake's back to determine it was 21 feet 9 inches.

"There are a lot of places that claim to have a 20-foot snake, but they'll never measure them with cameras rolling," Barr said.

News Video

That's a Goat?

A reader forwarded this image to me today and stated that it is a species of goat. Really? One of the most bizarre looking creatures that we have run across. What do you think?

Child's Ghostly Face Appears In Phone Photo

At first glance, it seems to be an ordinary snap of a group of young people.

But look more carefully and there appears to be an extraordinary, ghostly presence among them.

Peeping out between the knees of two of the girls is the face of a child.

The eerie image - clear enough to show a pair of eyes, a nose, a mouth and hair - was captured by 17-year-old Matthew Summers on his mobile phone as he and his friends were preparing to go out.

"I zoomed in to my sister's mate's little sister who was crying and I saw a face,"

Matthew said. "You can see all the facial expressions and everything.

"Usually when you see pictures like that it's a blur but this one is really weird.

"I was really shocked because I don't believe in that stuff."

Matthew took the picture in his sister's friend's front room in Billingham, Teesside.

"I've sent it to my girlfriend and she thinks it's a bit weird," he added.

His photo joins a long line of apparently paranormal snaps. The most memorable in recent times was a cloaked figure photographed standing in a doorway at Hampton Court Palace in 2003.

However, Ciaran O'Keeffe, a parapsychologist on Living TV's Most Haunted show, has a more down-to-earth explanation for the "child" in Matthew's photograph.

Dr O'Keeffe said: "As human beings we're very good at finding a pattern in randomness and related to that we're good at finding faces in randomness. The term for this is pareidolia.

"First it was ink blots, then things like clouds in the sky and now mobile phone pictures.

"There is no ghost in this picture, just the coincidental effect of pixelation and darkness and light which combine together."

Seeley, Wisconsin Bigfoot Buzz

According to the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department, two deputies responded to an alleged Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, sighting on Highway 63 just south of Seeley on the evening of Jan. 3.

Since then the sighting has been the topic of conversation in that small community, with multiple reported sightings being called in to the Sawyer County Record office since.

Chief Deputy Tim Zeigle confirmed that two deputies responded to the call, only to find footprints and hair at the site. But “unless Bigfoot was wearing boots,” Zeigle laughed, “I think it’s pretty much a prank.

“A lady called in and said ‘You probably think I’m nuts, but I’m not … I have not been drinking.’ She reported seeing a Bigfoot or someone dressed in an ape suit on Highway 63 near Stark Road,” Zeigle said. “We sent a couple officers up there and what they found was a set of foot tracks going from the road to the timberline and back to the road and they also found a long, black hair.” He affirmed that there have been no sightings since then.

But the story takes a curious turn from there.

According to another reported sighting obtained by the Record, a Wausau man, who wishes to remain unnamed, and his nephew were snowmobiling on a trail just southwest of Seeley when they saw something unusual cross the trail.

“I don’t know what I saw, but my nephew and I both saw something very real,” he said. “We only saw legs from the hips down as it was caught in the headlights of our snowmobiles. It stepped out of the woods, walking upright, and stepped across the trail right in front of my nephew who was ahead of me 20-30 feet.

“The legs were long (and) covered with long dark hair,” he continued. “My first thought was it was a drunk walking through the woods after leaving the Sawmill Saloon, but that makes no sense. We were quite a ways west of the Sawmill and there is no trail or crossing anywhere near there for someone to be walking.”

After gunning their snowmobiles past, the two turned around to explore the area and find tracks. But they had not marked the spot with a landmark and were unsuccessful at finding any sign when they returned to the area.

“We saw these legs for only a very brief moment, but again, it was very real,” he added.

Following up on the sighting, a number of possible theories have been revealed.

Cindy Ferraro of the Sawmill Saloon said that one potential explanation is that something was roused when the managed portion of the Uhrenholdt Memorial Forest south of Highway OO was cleaned up a few months ago. She said a friend who lives in the Seeley Hills area has reported unusual behavior coming from her dogs lately; they seem to be agitated by something out of the ordinary.

Anti-Abortion Demonstrators Can't Answer An Important Question

What anti-abortion demonstrators said when asked what the punishment should be for women who got abortions if abortion became illegal. Thats quite amazing how these people are so contradictory. Its murder... but its murder that should go unpunished...

Bigfoot Tracks Discovered in Farmington, Wisconsin?

Journalists, by nature, are typically a suspicious, cynical lot.

Taking everything with a grain of salt is our credo, embedded by life experience - especially in us old timers - that everything is not simply what it appears to be.

The old saying, "show me, I’m from Missouri" comes to mind here.

So, when Brode Powers from the town of Farmington called Tuesday to report some "very strange footprints on my property," the first thoughts were: ‘OK, there must be a full moon coming.’

But after checking out the story and seeing the footprints first hand, it must be reported: these are some very strange footprints.

Dare we say Bigfoot?

Powers is a 41-year-old UPS driver, living on a wooded, bucolic, 10-acre parcel of land on Shalom Drive with his wife and two, 20-pound cairn terriers of the licking persuasion.

A couple of weeks ago his wife, Katherine, mentioned she saw some funny tracks in the snow, but like many husbands, Brode dismissed it out of hand. He’s not now.

"I was clearing the driveway (Wednesday morning) and there they were," he said.

The prints - about 2 feet in length and spaced about 4 feet apart, measured in stride, from heel to toe - start on his neighbor’s adjoining parcel to the south and continue on to the front and past his home. What’s really surprising is that the prints are almost linear, like the, er, creature, was balancing a tightrope. Another puzzling aspect is that the prints track straight to a 7-foot tall archway he has on the property, but then instead of going through, go around.

More Stephenville and Dublin, Texas UFO Videos

Many of the descriptions of the UFO were that it changed shape. This is a screencap from a video given to MUFON today (1-23-08)

Heath Ledger's Psychic Warned Him Of Trouble

The shocking news of the death of Heath Ledger has stunned many, but a woman that claims to be a physic that read Heath's palm just two years ago in a Los Angeles hotel claims that she was concerned that trouble might be on its way for the young actor. Life & Style Weekly spoke exclusively with psychic and palm reader Dame Darcy on January 22, 2008, just hours after the unexpected death of actor Heath Ledger.

She tells the weekly entertainment magazine, "When I read Heath Ledger’s palm at the Chateau Marmot in Hollywood on Jan. 28, 2006, the first thing I noticed was that he had a dark, smooth life line with many cross hatches on it. That indicates trouble,” psychic and palm reader Dame Darcy tells Life & Style exclusively.

“I was concerned about him, because I could see that hard times were coming. He also had a dark, artistic line running from his head line to his heart line. From that, I could tell that Heath operated as an artist first. He approached acting as an artist. Even though Heath was just nominated for an Oscar, he didn’t ask me about his career at all. He seemed far more concerned about his love life!"

"He really didn’t care about awards or his fame. I could also see in his palm that there were many lives attached to his own life. These people were attached to Heath financially—they depended on him for money. I’m really sorry to hear about his death—he was one of a very few genuine artists that I met in Hollywood. He was also a really nice guy."

Hello, Scientology - We Are Anonymous

Interesting video on YouTube titled "Message to Scientology"

Strange Anomaly Found On Mars

The newly rediscovered photograph of a Bigfoot-like image on the planet Mars is getting a lot of humor-filled play in the media. We might as well talk about it here too.

I just saw CNN laugh their way through a report on it. (”So that’s why there’s been no reports of Bigfoot from Tibet. He’s on Mars.” And “Oh, it’s not Bigfoot. It’s a woman.”)

Anyway, here is the photo, along with some others that appear to not show the Bigfoot image.

The photograph, taken in 2004 by the Mars explorer Spirit, appears to show a human shaped object that looks similar to a frame from the Patterson-Gimlin film.

Spirit, sent to Mars to capture images from the surface of the planet, is one half of a $820m (£410m) mission, along with its twin explorer, Opportunity.

It landed on Mars in January 2004 for a three month mission to search Gusev Crater, a rock strewn stretch of soil that scientists believe could be the bed of an ancient lake. If Mars once had surface water, it had the potential to support life.

World's Hairiest Man Needs A Girlfriend

The world's hairiest man is looking for a new girlfriend on the internet after a recent breakup.

Yu Zhenhuan, recognized in 2002 as the world's hairiest man by the Guinness Book of Records, is using an online dating agency.

"I was amazed to see his picture there, since I'd been hearing he was going to get married soon. So I called the media," says the person who broke the story, and who wants to remain anonymous.

Yu, 29, confirmed: "We got to know each other through the internet, and had been seeing each other for three years. Unfortunately our relationship has come to an end."

And he added: "My whole body is covered with hair, and my parents are worried I won't be able to find a wife. Many girls are shocked when they see me in person.

Paranormal Investigation of the St. George Hotel

A young girl, an apparition dressed in white, is said to roam the halls of the St. George Hotel here, startling guests and housekeepers alike. She comes and goes, as does the equally mysterious, well-dressed gentleman who skulks through the three-story inn with a cane.

For years, strange things have supposedly taken place at the hotel, set at a sharp bend of a narrow road that winds through the thickly wooded hills of the historic Gold Rush town, 60 miles southeast of Sacramento.

Ghosts, if you choose to believe, have lurked in the place for years. Voices, footsteps and otherworldly creaks have given some the creeps.

2-Snouted, 3-Eyed Piglet Born in China

Born in Huimen village, Menla County, China, the piglet was unable to take milk from its mother, forcing farmer Yang Qiaofen to feed it using the mouths it had on either side of its head.

As well as the extra mandibular equipment, the puzzling porcine was blessed with an extra eye in the middle of its forehead, earning it the nickname "Cyclops".

The seventh of seven in its litter, young Cyclops was the only abnormal birth.

While it is able to feed - "both mouths can drink at the same time," noted a surprised Yang, who is feeding it on powdered milk - it is unable to stand properly.

Cyclops' mother was artificially inseminated, and local vets are nonplussed as to the origin of the genetic mutation.

Rat-Eating Plant Discovered In Australia

A rare new species of plant that eats small rats has been discovered at the tip of Cape York.

Pitcher plants, otherwise known as flesh-eating plants, grow throughout Cape York but now a new, larger species that grows like a vine has been discovered.

The new species has been called "Tenax".

James Cook University ecologist Charles Clarke and a colleague found the new species at a swamp near the Jardine River, but exactly where is a secret.

"They are quite vulnerable," he said.

"They are only found in a few small areas and if we broadcast the location then there are people out there who would take advantage of that.

"There's a lot of interest in pitcher plants from Australia, even from people outside of Australia.

"And while people often associate these things with New Guinea or Borneo or Sumatra, the fact that there's more species here is actually very exciting."

Is NASA Concerned About Asteroid 2007 TU24 Hitting Earth?

From 2007 TU24 has NASA concerned. A former colleague of mine is now a contract worker for NASA who develops and maintains the software applications for the Solar System Dynamic simulator and other NASA applications. He called me last night to inform me that NASA has there full focus and attention on this asteroid. All software applications support staff have been directed to devote their time specifically to running solutions on this Near Earth Object. They are running solutions with different inputs and the results are so close to direct impact that NASA has decided not to update the online simulator with these results. When you look at the current solution online the last orbit determination parameter is from January 1, 2008. THIS DATA IS 11 DAYS OLD

11 day old data for an object that has been getting closer and closer to us in each successive run is not normal protocol. Normal procedure would have the solutions posted online every two to three days at the beginning of the 30 day window which was December 29, 2007. As the window of time shrinks the data is refreshed with more frequency. The lack of refreshing the data online is suspicious and should raise some eyebrows amongst those who have intimate knowledge of how the astral community operates.

My friend, who I cannot identify, because of security issues told me that NASA is about 50/50 as to whether this asteroid will impact Earth. The dynamic variable that is in play is whether or not Earths gravity will pull the asteroid in. The trajectory angle that the asteroid is approaching from is the southern hemisphere. The solutions currently show numerous scenarios impacting Earth. The solutions that favor a Southern hemisphere impact are the most serious. These solutions are a direct straight on impact. The Northern hemisphere solutions vary widely from because there is the likelihood that the asteroid will fragment as it traverses Earths atmosphere. There is no possible way of knowing with 100% certainty how much this object will fragment if the Northern hemisphere solution pans out. The solutions that have this NEO missing Earth have it passing perilously close to satellites in orbit and the International Space Station.

This is a very fluid situation that literally changes by the minute. NASA is keeping a tight lip on the situation as they do not know with certainty what will transpire. The game plan in these situations is to avoid civil unrest and end of day’s paranoia. This is to ensure that the privileged class can make it easily to their safe havens, which are underground bunkers.

Blood Sucking Creature Loose In The Phillipines

Chupacabra, said to be a mystical blood-sucking animal supposedly sighted in Puerto Rico and Latin America, is allegedly making its presence felt in Capiz province and some residents here believe it’s for real.

Some residents of Barangay Dumolog in this city believed that it was a chupacabra that killed eight chickens in their village. The fowls were headless when they were found.

Jojo Canobida, a resident of Sitio Paon of Dumolog, said that it was early in the morning of Jan. 11 when he saw a dog-like animal attacking his chicken. The animal fled when it saw him. Or so he claimed.

Canobida said the animal sucked the blood out of his chickens.

In September last year, two goats in Barangay Lawaan, also this city, were also allegedly attacked by similar animals.

The goats’ owner, engineer Joel Jumbas of the Capiz provincial engineering office, said he could not ascertain who killed his two goats but he said he was told that it might have been a chupacabra because of the manner of killing.

Jumbas said it was his goat caretaker, Wilfredo Fano, who told him about the strange way his goats were killed -- they were found with puncture marks in the neck and their blood sucked out.

Jumbas is raising goats inside the compound of the Provincial Engineer’s Office in Barangay Lawaan near the Capiz Rehabilitation Center.

The chupacabra, which means “goat sucker” in Spanish, is an animal said to be unknown to science and systemically killed animals in places like Puerto Rico, Miami, Nicaragua, Chile, and Mexico. The creature’s name originated with the discovery of some dead goats in Puerto Rico with puncture wounds in their necks and their blood allegedly drained, according to an entry at the Skeptics Dictionary’s website

The owners of the victims originally thought the chupacabra to be a half-human, half-vampire beast. The victims, most often goats and chickens, are reportedly drained of all their blood, but are otherwise left intact. There is usually no other evidence of a struggle or attack -- simply two or sometimes three puncture marks (almost large enough to accommodate a human finger) in the animal’s neck, said another website,

Stories suggesting Chupacabra activity can be found in newspapers dating back to the 1950s. In fact, the first reported case in North America was in Arizona sometime around 1956. Although incidents have been reported in Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, Florida, and parts of Chile, Brazil and Mexico, the majority of activity has occurred in Puerto Rico. A rash of attacks plagued various regions of Puerto Rico in 1995. In Canovanas alone, several hundred livestock fatalities were attributed to the chupacabra, the said

Giant UFO Sighted Over Guanica, Puerto Rico

January 18 2008 at 10:15 p.m. on the coastal sector of Guanica (southwestern Puerto Rico) an enormous classic "flying saucer" object was reported, with hundreds of rows of red lights surroudning it. Before the sighting, the witnesses alleged -- and I confirm what they said -- having heard an airplane flying overhead at exactly that time, as I was watching television at that hour. The witnesses were more numerous in the upper area of Vivones when they observed the transit of the airplane, followed by this round, enormous flying artifact with red lights.

The object rested for several minutes on a nearby hill, at very low altitude, nearly treetop level, blinding witnesses with its red lights. Among them were Roberto Garcia and wife Patricia, who tried to photograph the object with their cell phone but didn't manage to obtain an image. Other local residents were frightened and unable to sleep that night after the object took off toward Lajas at high spped. The witnesses told me that this is not the first case that they've seen in the at this hour of the night.

The object made no sound whatsoever, the night was clear and full of stars, and the aerostat could be seen at low altitude and in the distance. It is impossible to mistake the Lajas Aerostat with the object reported by the witnesses.

Russian Video Gamer Murders Rival

Russian man murders rival from another video gaming club. Violence between video gaming clubs is rising throughout Russia and the former republics.

UFO Light Show Over Southwestern Pennsylvania 1-18-08

Commentary with video: This took place last night in southwestern PA. This is very similar to the San Diego sighting although this was much stranger due to lights blinking.

Notice, in the upper-mid left a strange rapid shooting star effect.

I was shocked and afraid (only complaining about the cold since it was 20 degrees and I was in a t-shirt). I called the police and by the time anyone looked they were gone. No one that I know of saw it, but I got video proof!!!!

I happened to look out my window and caught a faint glimpse of something orangish-red and stepped out on my porch to see it. I didn't hear any sounds, which would be expected for jets or helicopters. The strangest part about this is the rapidly moving object seen on the left, I couldn't even make out its shape, just seemed like a streak of light. The best way to see is enlarge video full screen, and look around the 5-10 second mark.

Deformed Baby Girl Worshiped By Villagers

A girl born with three eyes and two noses has been attracting hordes of people who believe her to be an incarnation of Hindu god Shiva.

The birth of the 'wonder girl' in Angara block of Ranchi created quite a stir last week with villagers queuing up for a glimpse of the baby.

'People from far-flung areas are coming for a glimpse of my daughter. Why has god played such a cruel joke with me by giving me a daughter with abnormal features,' rued Sukhlal Mahto, the girl's father.

Though her two eyes appear to be normal, she has a third eye in the middle of two noses. But she has not opened her third eye yet, Shuklal said.

'Even Lord Shiva did not open his third eye regularly. Shiva opened it once to destroy someone,' said Mahesh Mahto, a villager.

Drawn by the belief that she is an incarnation of Shiva, the villagers visit Sukhlal's house every day with garlands and incense sticks to worship the girl.

'It is a case of a genetic disorder,' said Manish Kumar, a general physician.

MUFON: Something Definitely Going On In Stephenville

North Texans shared their stories of supposed UFO sightings at a meeting called by UFO investigators in Dublin. Dozens of people crowded into Dublin's Rotary Club to talk with the Mutual UFO Network, a group of UFO buffs.

Texas MUFON director Ken Cherry said the group "definitely" knows something is going on in Stephenville.

"In an extremely small number of cases will we get a mass sighting like this," he said.

A woman from Brownwood brought a video of bouncing lights that she shot on Jan. 4.

"You can't see through it," Margie Galvez said. "You can't see in it. It just bounces."

She said she shot the video with an infrared surveillance camera at her farm.

"You can't explain it," she said. "I don't know what it is."

A Dublin man showed video of a strange object in the sky that he shot last summer in Stephenville.

"That's why I'm here," he said. "I want someone to tell me what it is."

Most people didn't have any pictures.

"What I saw was a very large blue light," Cleburne resident Jason Greywolf Leigh said.

Stephenville resident James Huse said he saw big, round objects in the sky.

"I would estimate they were the size of an aircraft," he said.

Glenda Jackson, another Stephenville resident, said she also saw something strange in the sky.

"It looked like two plates upside down, like a saucer," she said. "It was at least as wide as a football field."

The meeting also drew people who just wanted to see what the hoopla was all about.

MUFON members said their work could take a year. Even then, there may be no explanation for the phenomenon, they said.

The investigators said it was way too early to rule anything in or out. But with so many people coming forward, the group said it is convinced people saw something.

Spirits at World Famous Brookdale Lodge Protesting Changes

If somebody started looting your house, you'd be upset too, right?

That's how paranormal investigator Erich Breger says the spirits at Brookdale Lodge, now renamed Brookdale Inn & Spa, have been feeling lately. Breger, the lead investigator with California Paranormal Investigations, took his team to the famed Santa Cruz Mountains resort late Thursday night to see if they could draw the local haunt's haunters out from the shadows and find out why all the ruckus.

Brookdale employees, particularly the cooks, have said they've seen increased paranormal activity since the previous owners sold the business and began taking with them old furniture, clippings and memorabilia.

"I think why it's happening is there is definitely a defiling that's going on here," said Breger, a Boulder Creek man with an intense stare, raspy voice, suit and black trench coat.

Brookdale Inn & Spa has long been thought to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl -- among others -- who drowned in the creek that runs through the dining area. During the 1940s and '50s gangsters made the lodge their home, and some legends say they buried bodies under the floor.

Opened in 1870, the lodge has been featured on "Ripley's Believe It or Not" and has hosted notables such as Marilyn Monroe and President Herbert Hoover.

In recent weeks, there have been reports of shadowy figures. Employees in the kitchen have reported hearing bangs. Chef Juan Diaz said he and a cook saw a pot do a full rotation while sitting on the burner about two months ago.

"It was all full of water so it was heavy," said Diaz in Spanish. "And we saw it spin around like somebody was moving it."

Then there was the incident this summer with the swinging doors to the kitchen, said Diaz.

"They opened like somebody was coming in but there was nobody there," he said. "Then they opened again like somebody was leaving."

Bartender Jonelle Badger, who has worked at Brookdale Inn & Spa for a year, says she's only heard stories of strange occurrences from her co-workers.

"I've never had an experience here that would lead me to believe there was a ghost," she said.

But Breger, the fleet manager at Ocean Honda when he's not tracking spirits, said his team thinks something was definitely going on Thursday night. His fellow investigators include Ed Hayes, Ronaldo Williams and Shelly Crowley, all of Brookdale and Boulder Creek. The four walked the different levels of the lodge Thursday night with equipment such as an EVP [Electronic Voice Phenomenon] monitor, EMF [Electro Magnetic Field] monitor, infrared cameras and a Ouija board. Breger said he and his team will review their evidence in more detail tonight.

"Based on what we've gathered so far there is definitely something going on there," he said.

Breger said he's never been scared of anything he's experienced in 15 years of pursuit. He also takes his team out to wrecking yards to look for spirits involved in fatal vehicle accidents.

"It's a totally untapped resource," he said.

As for skeptics of paranormal activity and investigation, Breger said he doesn't blame them.

"Until you experience something," he said, "it's one of those things where you have to show me the proof."

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