Aliens Abducted My Dog!

The abduction of a dog stood out among 135 reports of UFO incidents received by the Ministry of Defence last year.

Flaming objects, bright lights behaving erratically, odd shapes flying in the sky and even a village blackout following silently exploding lights are also among the reports of unidentified flying objects from all over the country, according to details released on Friday under freedom of information rules.

But the report from Wales of the dog abduction grabs attention.

"The witness saw spaceships and then said that one of them abducted his dog, car and tent when he and some friends were out camping," reads the report received on Jan 3 this year.

In a report from central England in December last year the witness reported a giant craft shining a light into a rear window before shooting off, while another in June counted 15,000 lights in the sky.

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