Argentina: More on the Alleged Firestarting UFO

According to a metallurgist eyewitness, last week's fire in the hills of Tandilia, Province of Buenos Aires, were caused by a UFO.

Newspaper reports from Tandil suggest that a worker in the Ronicevi metallurgical plant was reporting to his shift at 4 a.m., and he claims having seen a UFO that gave off a considerable brightness and had a size similar to the full Moon.

"It was like a giant fireball and it fell behind the hill," said the local, whose testimony was corroborated spontaneously by other people. According to the story, this object fell around four o'clock in the morning on the summit of Cerro Las Animas.

The wildfire devoured a broad region, causing serious damage and the evacuation of homes and one hotel. It is said that the fire did not start on Monday, but rather on Sunday, when a new outbreak occurred.

Two weeks ago, a ufologist claimed that a UFO flap was underway. The fact of the matter is that the authorities have been able to confirm the source of the fire, and did not find the remains of the object seen by locals.

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