British Boy Finds Rare, Perfectly Preserved 'Jurassic' Footprint

An eight-year-old boy has impressed experts by finding a set of dinosaur footprints on a beach which date back an incredible 160 million years.

Rhys Nichols was strolling along the sands with dad Richard when he spotted the perfectly preserved nine-inch prints on a rock.

The clever schoolboy immediately realised they could be from a dinosaur - and experts have hailed the find, believing they are the mark of a plant-eating iguanodon creature which roamed the area during the Jurassic era.

Proud dad Richard, 55, said: "We were walking along the beach last weekend as we often do when Rhys suddenly shouted 'Wow dad, look what I've found'.

"I came over and his face was lit up and he was pointing at these footprints. I took a photo and sent a text to my wife to let her know.

“Rhys loves dinosaurs, so for him to find something like that was wonderful. He was over the moon - I couldn't get him away from them."

Retired firefighter Richard said that the amazing prints were probably revealed after rocks recently fell from the cliff face.

He added: "We are always coming down here beachcombing and looking for fossils. There are some other prints on the beach but they have become eroded now."

Mum Traude, 51, a retired shop assistant said: "It's fantastic for Rhys because he's been really interested in dinosaurs since he was three or four, he must have every book going on them.

"His only disappointment is that they are prints from a plant-eating dinosaur. He would rather they had been from one of the big meat-eating ones like a Tyrannosaurus Rex because they are his favourite."

Rhys was walking along the beach near his home in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, when he made the astonishing discovery.

Archaeologist Will Watts, of Scarborough Museums Trust, said: "This is a great find as dinosaur prints are not normally that clear.

“We think they are probably from a plant-eating dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic period, which would make the prints about 160 million years old.

"Looking at the size of the prints, the dinosaur was probably the same size as Rhys.

“Rhys and his dad did the right thing by taking a picture. You should not try to collect them as they can fall apart. These prints will probably be left where they are on the beach."

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