Is the Middleboro, MA Town Hall Haunted?

Ghosts beware, you may be busted.

The long-standing rumors that the Middleboro Town Hall, built in 1871, is haunted may soon be laid to rest.

Selectmen Monday night gave permission for Paranormal Investigators of New England to enter the building with photographic, thermal and audio equipment to determine if the footsteps heard late at night echoing from the Grand Hall on the second floor are signs of paranormal activity.

Ed Beaulieu, senior investigator with PINE, in a Feb. 8 letter to selectmen, wrote: “After discussions with several town officials, it appears that there might well be some paranormal activity in the Town Hall. Footsteps have been heard, when no one was there, etc. This type of activity appears to happen late in the evening.”
Beaulieu then asked selectmen for permission “to investigate this activity late some evening as can be arranged for access to the building.”

Beaulieu said he was approached by several residents about the rumored haunting at the Town Hall following a paranormal presentation to the Middleboro Rotary.

“I think it’s fascinating,” selectman chairwoman Marsha Brunelle told the board after reading the letter out loud during the weekly selectmen’s meeting. Selectmen Stephen Spataro joked that “perhaps it’s the ghost of retirees.”

Selectman and former chairman, Wayne C. Perkins, said he has heard noises late at night but added there may be an explanation: “It is an old building.”

Beaulieu, an Oak Point resident, said the investigation would take place late at night and last about an hour. He said thermal equipment, which measures drops in temperature, often indicate the presence of ghosts. They will also test for audio sounds and take photos.

If there is ghost activity they usually show in a photo as an orb “which is a transparent sphere,” explained Beaulieu.

Ectoplasm is the next level and can have a human form, he said. An aberration is any deviation from the norm. Any findings would be presented to the selectmen, he noted.

Beaulieu said he was introduced to the paranormal six years ago by his partner in PINE, who also has a doctorate in biochemistry. He said he became a believer when he saw the orbs in photographs.

Hauntings are often related to the land the property is situated on, according to Beaulieu. Orbs are usually found in older buildings, but he said he has also found them in a house only 4 years old.

The Victorian style Town Hall was built in 1871 on donated land. It went through a $3 million renovation about 10 years ago. The Grand Hall is rented out for a variety of activities, including weddings, proms, birthday parties and theater presentations.

Beaulieu said he has taken pictures of ghosts in cemeteries, a haunted house in Halifax, and a haunted house in Middleboro known “as the house of five suicides.” He declined to state the location.

He dismisses TV stories of violent ghosts. “The TV stories are dramatized,” he said.

“Ghosts like happy occasions,” said Beaulieu, stating that on one occasion he took 135 photos at a wedding and that “30 had orbs.”

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