Is Mystery Cat a Jaguarundi?

A big cat spotted by a fisherman may be a jaguarundi, according to an expert.

The angler reported seeing a strange "cat-like" animal while fishing at a Snodland lake on Friday of last week.

Neil Arnold, from Kent Big Cat Research, said the angler, known only as Ron, saw a dark grey animal the size of a fox, with a long thick tail, on the other side of the water.

He said the animal was "mooching" around, walking from left to right, then right to left before disappearing into the trees.

According to Mr Arnold it is the second sighting in the area of what he believes could be a jaguarundi. A similar creature was seen near the lake last month.

The jaguarundi is native to South America and resembles a member of the mustelid family, which includes badgers, wolverines, and otters.

Mr Arnold said this type of big cat was far less common than others spotted around the county which are thought to be black leopards, pumas and lynx.

Mr Arnold said; "Because they look like foxes a lot of people do not bother to report them. Fishermen have said they know there is a black leopard in Snodland, but this is something different."

He said the animal could have escaped from a private collection and would eat birds, rabbits and rodents.

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