Jessica Alba Claims Ghost Attacked Her

Jessica Alba was attacked by a ghost when she was 17.

The Eye star claims she was visited by an otherworldly being, and was so terrified afterwards she refused to stay in her house.

She recalled: "I had no idea what it was. I felt this pressure and I couldn't get up, I couldn't scream, I couldn't talk, I couldn't do anything.

Something definitely took the covers off me and I definitely couldn't get off the bed, and then, once I did, I screamed, ran to my parents' room and I don't think I spent many nights in that house ever again!

"There was definitely something in my parents' old house - I don't know what it was. I can't really explain it. But they got it blessed and they burned sage and stuff since then."

Jessica - who is currently expecting her first child with fiancé Cash Warren - also revealed the pregnancy has been playing havoc with her hormones.

The 26-year-old beauty said: "I think I've already thrown Cash out of the house twice since I've been pregnant. He's like, 'Are you just pregnant? I hope you're just pregnant and acting crazy,' and I'm like, 'It has nothing to do with that!'

"And then we cry and we hug and he's like, 'You're pregnant, what do you want?' Little things get me so mad. You get so emotional when you're pregnant, and so irrational. It's totally dumb."

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