Looking for the Green Lady of Tulloch Castle

An Inverness ghost hunter is to brave an overnight stay in the most haunted hotel in the Highlands in a bid to capture spooky goings-on on camera.

Paul Campbell will spend the night in the infamous Room 8 at historic Tulloch Castle Hotel in Dingwall where he hopes to record paranormal activity using a range of high-tech equipment and five camcorders.

A baker by day and an amateur ghost hunter by night, Paul has investigated other haunted sites in Scotland including the vaults below Princes Street in Edinburgh.

He will carry out the Tulloch Castle ghost watch on June 7 with three friends from Glasgow who are involved with investigating the paranormal.

Paul (36) of Millerton Avenue, Charleston, in Inverness, said: "I first heard about Tulloch Castle's Room 8 when it featured on a Grampian TV programme called Beyond Explanation which looked at Scottish mysteries and ghost stories. I became really interested in it and decided to go and see it for myself last year.

"A lot of very strange things happened and we recorded a lot of orbs, or balls of light, on camera. Twice I returned to the room to find the bathroom door had shut tight, despite me deliberately leaving it open."

This time, however, Paul will spend the night in the room and deploy specialist equipment including EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), a device which is used to record sounds from paranormal sources.

Paul has no real qualms about spending a night in one of Scotland's most haunted castles where the ghostly "Green Lady" has been seen over centuries.

"I'm not scared," he said. "I think it will be really interesting and we hope to record activity which might shed some light on the mystery of Room 8. Then again, it might just deepen the mystery."

The Beyond Explanation TV programme featured the terrifying experiences of Tommy Tan from Edinburgh who stayed in the room during a business trip to the then Vertex call centre in Dingwall.

In the small hours Mr Tan was awoken by the feeling of somebody, or something, pinning him down on the bed, and by extremes of temperature and a feeling of malice in the room. During a very distrubed night he dreamt of a woman and two young girls in Victorian dress. In the morning he was astounded when, during a tour of the building he saw the same people in a portrait in the castle's Grand Hall, members of the Davidson family which once owned Tulloch. He vowed never to return to the castle again.

Anne MacDonald, manager at Tulloch Castle Hotel, said: "I'm not a coward and I don't scare easily but I wouldn't sleep in room 8 for love nor money. The room has quite a reputation and we have people coming from all over to stay in it.

"It doesn't matter how much heating you have on, but when you go along that corridor there is always a chill, summer or winter. People frequently say that someone had been knocking at their door but when they looked there was nobody there. And we don't tell guests about Room 8 until they leave because we don't want them to make them anxious.

"Strange things also occur in room 12 such as books falling down for no reason at all. There's definitely something in that part of the hotel and the longer I work here the more convinced I become of it."

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