Nazi Gold Found: Lost Amber Room of the Czars?

This 20-metre pit could yield pure gold - the lost £500 million Amber Room of the czars.

Probes indicate it holds some two tons of gold.

And the site, on the German-Czech border, matches intelligence from Nazi survivors who helped loot the fabled room from Russia.

Hans-Peter Haustein, mayor of Deutscheneudorf where the pit was found, said: "We're confident it's part of the Amber Room." Last night the hole was under armed guard.

If the find is correct, one of the war's greatest mysteries will be solved and one of the world's most import art treasures rediscovered.

The Amber Room - made up of 100,000 pieces of carved amber, gold and gems - was presented to Peter the Great in 1716 by the King of Prussia.

Described as the Eighth Wonder of the World, it decorated the Catherine Palace outside St Petersburg.

The room was disassembled and carried off by Nazi looters working for Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering in 1941.

It was shipped to Germany and never seen again.

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