Bigfoot Search Launched In East Texas

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the woods, East Texans prepare for another expedition to find Bigfoot in East Texas. A professional and well equipped group says it's ready to prove the mysterious hairy giant is roaming our neighborhoods.

"Actually, I found that there were a lot of sightings and things in the Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana error," said Bigfoot researcher Mike Hall. "Strange things happen." Several dots on a map represent Bigfoot sightings in East Texas since 2000. Mike Hall is assembling a research team to answer questions.

"What's going on here, what is this thing people are seeing," said Hall. Hall has been chasing sightings across East Texas, and has found numerous clues, footprints and evidence, but admits they must have more.

"We hope beyond hope that we come back with something tangible," said Hall. Hall's no stranger to the Sasquatch. He says he's seen it in January of 2005 in East Texas woods.

"Right in the middle of the road was about a 6" tall bi-pedal animal," said Hall. His focus is proving that a 7" 400 pound ape could be living in Texas right under our noses, so to speak.

"All this technology is out there and yet this thing has been able to elude us," said Hall. "We put our skeptical's on, but there is something out there what is it?." Hall's team is preparing to the Neches River where numerous sightings have occurred, and where he hopes his team can solve a mystery.

"One day, one day someone will come up with one of these guys and say here he is," said Hall.

Hall will take his eight member team on the research expedition the first week of May. They have not revealed the location of the search area to avoid people getting in their way.

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