Bison Found Mutilated in Saskatchewan

A local rancher has recently lost a healthy purebred buffalo bull to suspicious circumstances that mirror known mutilation cases.

"Frank" as he was known was between 12 to 13 years old. He weighed 1780 pounds and he towered 11 feet at his hump. His was a purebred Woods and special to the rancher as he was the original bull of the herd. He has sired approx. 160 offspring since the rancher obtained him back in 2000.

We will be releasing the report on this case later tonight along with photos and video and it will be posted in the "mutilations" section.

We are asking residents of Lloydminster (south) rural areas to contact us if you believe you may have seen or heard anything suspicious around your farms between March 10th and March 13th. The bull was last seen alive on March 10th.

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