Confirmed: Cougar Killed in Kansas

<-Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks game warden Tracy Galvin displays the pelt of a mountain lion that was killed in Barber County last November. Galvin has been investigating the rumor that a mountain lion had been killed in Kansas for the past several weeks. This is probably the first confirmed wild mountain lion in Kansas in over 100 years. Charges are pending against the individual who killed the lion.

The long-standing debate about the presence of wild mountain lions in Kansas appears to be over.

For the first time in more than 100 years, state wildlife officials think they have confirmation of such an animal.

Tracy Galvin, a state Department of Wildlife and Parks game warden, took possession Monday of a mountain lion pelt shot west of Medicine Lodge in November.

A Barber County resident said he shot the catwhile cutting wood on his property.

Galvin said the man saw the mountain lion nearby, walked to his truck, grabbed a rifle and shot it.

Charges are pending since it's illegal to shoot a mountain lion in Kansas "unless it's a threat to life or property," Galvin said. Continued...

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