Do You Believe Pikachu Is Real?

Are there real Pokemon characters roaming the earth? Well, there is a forum for 'Real Pokemon Believers' at Pokeclipse

Now, the real question is are these 'believers' much different than those that believe in UFOs, extraterrestrials and Bigfoot?

I especially enjoyed the 'Pika and Pikachu - A Conspiracy?' thread.

The following is a sample posting:

I always thought you all were kinda weird, and I really wasn't too much of a Pokemon fan.

Well one day, I was reading a book when I heard something. I jumped out of my recliner and ran to the window. There, in my dirt garden (not much of a gardener...) was a strange looking orange-ish, red-ish, white-ish bird. It was dead after crashing into my window.

With a little remorse, I scooped it up and dumped him in my dumpster. Never thought of him again.

Well, about two years later, I was browsing the internet and accidentally tapped the scroll wheel, opening up a new tab. I clicked on it and froze.

I was staring at the bird that had rammed into my window a few years back! Under it was the name: Pidgey.

I did some research and found out it was a Pokemon! Pretty crazy. I believe now....

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