The Ghosts Are Real On British Horror Film Set

The cast of a new Brit horror movie being filmed on the Liverpool set of soap Brookside today claimed the infamous close is haunted.

Stars of gorefest movie Salvage said they have been terrified by paranormal activity on the cul-de-sac fictional soap madman Trevor Jordache was buried.

Now the actors have dubbed the set “Spookside”.

Director Lawrence Gough’s film sees residents trapped in “The Close” by military snipers hunting a suspected terrorist.

The plot turns into a bloodfest as something more sinister starts to wreak murderous havoc.

Actor Shaun Dooley, 33, who plays main character Kieran, said: “There’s been some strange things going on and the cast are convinced this street is haunted.

“We’ve dubbed it Spookside.

“At certain times of the day – the lights flicker out and photographs have gone missing from the set.

“And we haven’t been able to shoot the final scene in the woods because every time we approach the set dark clouds appear and gale force winds blow up.

“It’s as if the ghosts of Brookside Close don’t want us to be filming here and it’s freaking people out.”

No less than 72 characters were killed off during the Liverpool soap’s 21-year history.

Director Laurence Gough, 37, believes the close is the perfect set for a horror movie.

He said: “When we heard Brookside Close was available I thought it was an absolute must.

“The whole film is about turning a respectable street upside down and this was the ideal place for us. It’s a great set for a horror movie.”

The £250,000 film due out in autumn has been promised a glitzy premiere in Liverpool as part of the Capital of Culture programme.

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