Great Gonerby UFO Reported Over Saskatchewan

<--Sketch from 2004 sighting

A UFO sighted over Great Gonerby repeatedly over the last four years has also been spotted in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Journal recently reported five sightings by Allan Spick, who provided a drawing of the mysterious flying object he has seen from his home at Belvoir Gardens.

Now an anonymous UFO spotter has got in touch to say he saw the very same object over Saskatoon in November or December 2005.

He said: "It was about 50 feet off the ground and not more than a city block away from me. I saw what appeared to be a craft that looked almost tear-shaped but sideways. I slowed down to a crawl and watched it hovering for about 10 seconds.

"I could only see the outline by its multi-coloured lights that surrounded the object."

After around 20 seconds the object banked to the right a flew slowly away.

He said: "I do feel that when I slowed down more that maybe they took notice of me observing this and that caused the object to start its sharp bank and then slowly disappear.

"It was all very weird to me."

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