'Ghost Hunters' Investigate Historic Ohio Mansion

For years, the old Prospect Place mansion has been offering tours to curious visitors.

People want to see for themselves if the old 29-room mansion, built in 1856, is haunted like the stories that circulate around town claim.

Anyone with a television will have the chance to see what goes on inside Prospect Place when an episode of the SciFi Channel's "Ghost Hunters" airs next week.

In late January, a crew from the show spent about a week filming in the mansion. It will be featured Wednesday's episode, which is titled "Ghostly Bounty Hunter." The owner of Prospect Place, George Adams, said he is not allowed to release details until the show airs.

"Ghost Hunters" is a one-hour, weekly program that follows two paranormal researchers, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, as they explore places throughout the country that are suspected of being haunted. Hawes and Wilson are the leaders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society.

Today the mansion also houses The G.W. Adams Educational Center, a nonprofit organization established in 2005. Adams is a descendant of George Willison Adams, the builder of Prospect Place.

Prospect Place served as one of the stations for the Underground Railroad and was a place of safety for slaves who escaped from the South. Slaves would find refuge in the basement of the mansion and would be given supplies.

Community events and paranormal and ghost investigations are offered at the mansion.

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