Parachute, Possibly D.B.Cooper's, Found in Clark County, Washington

A parachute that could belong to famous hijacker D.B. Cooper has been found and is being analyzed by the FBI in Seattle.

The Cooper case has been surrounded by mystery since 1971, when he jumped from a Northwest Orient Airlines Boeing 727 with a bag of money containing $200,000 ransom.

The parachute, which the FBI said is the same type that was used by Cooper, was found between the Clark County towns of Ariel and Amboy, near the center of the original jump zone, according to KOIN News 6.

The parachute was unearthed in a field that was being plowed by the property owner and was found by the man’s children while they were playing. The children pulled the cloth until the chute’s shroud lines appeared and their father recognized it as a parachute.

The man notified the FBI in Seattle. Part of the chute, which is white and conical shaped, remains buried in the field.

Seattle Agent Larry Carr said he will analyze the parachute and look for a label, which could match it to a reserve chute left behind by Cooper on the plane.

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