Paranormalist Jim Callahan Challenges Criss Angel

Posted on Jim Callahan's website:

On October 31st Paranormalist Jim Callahan appeared on live national television (NBC) and exhibited a totally new and innovative entertainment experiment.

TV Magician Criss Angel was part of the production and attempted to devalue Callahan’s work.

Many believed Angel attacked out of jealousy what he could not explain.

That being Callahan’s ability to successfully perform a strictly controlled automatic writing experiment on live television drawing a connection between Raymond Hill, who died in 1980, and himself. In process of doing the above so he provided an accurate description of a chosen target in a sealed container.

Callahan guarantees this fact to the sum of $50.000.00. This guarantee was in effect during the show and NBC would not allow Callahan to mention it on air.

We believed now this was done to protect Angel and his plan to confront Callahan with a challenge of his own.

Angel had claimed that if Callahan performed an exhibition as he had planned he would ‘bust’ or expose him on live TV. He made statements of this type in interviews and a clip can even be found on NBC’s site.

However Angel did not make good on his promise. Instead Angel attempted to challenge Callahan with a different task after he successfully completed the linking experiment with Raymond Hill.

In essence Angel was attempting to change the subject.

*Callahan however did accept Angel’s challenge to divine the contents of two envelopes by notifying the producers of the show but was told they (the producers) could not confirm Angel had the one million in liquid assets to pay Callahan when he successfully completed the test.

*The producers also would not consent to have the envelopes held and opened by a neutral third party negating the possibility of Angel cheating.

And most importantly the footage of the event would not be owned by Callahan and he would not be compensated for the additional/extra demonstration.

To this day Angel has yet to respond to Callahan accepting the challenge and the request for proof of that he can immediately make payment on the dept he will incur when Callahan successfully completes the test.

If you look at it truthfully with a critical educated eye Criss Angel did not expose or ‘bust’ Callahan like he said he would.

Angel said he would and yet could not do it!

And if Angel really did expose Callahan why did he not take his $50,000.00 why does he hide from this question and the open challenge Jim made to debate him anytime any were.

Could it be that Criss is in no way up to a real challenge?

Is that the Dark Truth?

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