Recent South American UFO Sightings

Argentina: The Sierra de los Padres "Phantom"

Luis Burgos writes: "Silvia Simondini of the VISION OVNI organization has sent us another curious daylight photograph of a UFO taken at Sierra de los Padres, Buenos Aires Province by collaborators of her organization, who have managed to take excellent photos of these objects over the area in recent times.

"According to Jorge Luis Figueiras, a FAO image specialist, [the photos] show a solid object with a protuberance in its lower section, which has been noticed in other cases. From another angle we can see the object with its typical "hat-shaped" UFO configuration, in a rotated position. UFOs are visiting these latitudes again while the 2008 saucer wave continues in full swing."

Bolivia: La Paz

Photo taken by Maria Griselda, a member of the Ciufos-LaPampa group. The object visible over the colonial-era palace was not visible at the time that the photo was taken. Another example of a "chance UFO"?

Peru: Macchu-Picchu

Raul Oscar Chaves writes: "The purpose of the first photo was to capture the lovely landscape formed by the shadowy mountains against a cloudy background. Upon downloading the photo, the presence of a possible sphere was noticed. There was a marked contrast in color between [the object] and the landscape, which was nearly in shadow.

"In the second, the idea was to place the presence of toursits on the mountain crest within the frame, represented by a plant decorated with a flower. The notorious presence of an object in the image's background was subsequently detected.

"These photos were taken by members of CIUFOS employing a 6 MP Kodak Easyshare digital camera."

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