The Unexplained: Will There Ever Be Enough Evidence?

From Paranormal Insight:

I keep hearing all these people out there saying there is no such thing as Ghosts or the Paranormal. You ever wonder why they say this. I strongly believe that there is more evidence to prove that the paranormal and afterlife does exists than there is to say it doesn’t. When you hear there is a scientific explanation for why things happen, I would like them to explain experiences that so many of us have. The touching we feel, The shadows we see. What I think is going on is these people who are so against believing have had something happen with them also.

Why wouldn’t you come forward if you have had an experience with the paranormal, Maybe help us find the reasons why, if there is any? There are so many claims of things that go on that are just plain out ridiculous and shouldn’t even be heard but we like to hear it or we wouldn’t listen. A case in point is that show, “A Haunting“, I am a strong Paranormal and Ghost Believer myself but that is one show that I just cannot seem to believe in. The flying of the plates out of the covers, The big scratches on peoples bodies. That would be something I would have to see to believe. I would probably need a new pair of shorts, but it would make me a believer.

Another thing that I find myself pondering on is the “being possessed”. To me I think that Hollywood pretty much had everyone thinking they were possessed or had evil spirits attached to them telling them what to do with The Exorcist. But these shows like A Haunting is pretty much making the real Ghost Investigators like Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson from TAPS, have to work harder in trying to prove their message and submitting what I have seen to be concrete evidence. So is it fair that these shows should be on TV to make a mockery of this unexplained phenomenon as ghosts? I dont know if it is reality but it is sure good entertainment, and for me a good laugh.

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