Woman Convinced Child Ghost Steals Her Jewelry

One Blackpool landlady is convinced her jewelery is being stolen by a child ghost intent on "having a laugh".

Tracy Mappley, landlady of The Boars Head, Preston Old Road, called in paranormal investigators when she was kept awake by banging noises and her jewelery continually went missing.

Feeling sure there was a "presence" in the pub she asked a group of mediums, Third Eye Paranormal Investigators, to visit to find out what was going on.

During a night vigil Mrs Mappley described how they "communicated" with a number of spirits and tables moved on their own.

Mrs Mappley, 42, added: "The strangest thing was in the spirit cupboard. We put a bin bag down with some talcum powder on it.

"The cupboard is alarmed and I locked it up and kept the keys with me the whole night. When we returned there were two initials in the talc – M and A. It was really weird."

The spirits of former regulars to the pub, including a local farmer called George who died in 1838, are also said to still visit their favourite local.

Mrs Mappley said: "I have jewelery that goes missing. I put pairs of earrings down and one of them goes missing.

"The mediums said there was a child ghost in the building – a little boy called Sean who died in 1855 who's taking the jewelery. He just likes playing games with me."

Mrs Mappley has also described feeling sick and noticing dramatic changes in temperature in the building.

She said: "We hear lots of noise – bumps and clinking and tapping on the bar. One night I had gone to bed and heard banging.


"I checked every room upstairs but there was nothing going on. I checked the pub as I thought I might have locked someone in!

"But when we investigated there was no-one there.

"I finally went back to bed and shouted 'Whatever you're doing, stop it now!'

"And it stopped. I definitely believe now, it doesn't bother me though.

"Now I know what the noises are and why things are going missing. I suppose it's just having a bit of a laugh."

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